Get innovative with your digital camera

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Arts and Culture

A digital camera need not be limited to taking pictures of your family. It can be made to help you in your office work, in organizing your home and in making life easy for you. All that you need to do is to look upon the digital camera as a friend and useful aide.

Just assume that your front porch needs to be repaired. You can bring in some masons to look at the peeling masonry work and ask for estimates. Otherwise you can take several digital images of the porch to give an idea of the kind of work involved. These images can then be e-mailed to two or three masons, and their quotes obtained. It saves time, and increases your reach.

In another situation, you can take photos of the data written on the erasable board at your company meeting so as to avoid taking down manual notes. These digital images can be stored in your laptop or computer, printed or e-mailed to your colleagues who were not present when the presentation was made.

If you happen to be a guide who takes tourists to dangerous locations, you can take pictures of the touring group, and mail them to your friends and relatives. This will improve your safety needs.

Similarly, digital camera can be your very good friend if you are bad at remembering names. You can take photographs of your clients, with their permission, and store them in your database. This will help you recall your clients when you want to deal with them next.

Your digital camera can also work like a copier or scanner. You can use it to shoot documents and store them electronically. You can even put the information on a server that is connected to the internet for easy access from any place across the world.

Digital cameras are particularly useful in the case of accidents. You can use them to take multiple photographs of the accident site and the damaged cars for making insurance claims and also as proof of who was at fault. The same can be done when you receive your household goods or valuable packages.  The photographs of damaged goods can be used to make claims.

If your digital camera has a video mode, you can also try to shoot some small moving clips. You can also use the audio recording facility to record comments, notes and reminders. This should, however, always be done by informing others of what you are doing.

A digital camera can be a great help when you are stowing used goods in the attic. All that you need to do is to take a photograph of the articles that you have placed in a box before putting it in the attic. This will help you to locate goods when you need them after some days or months. Your wife will be eternally thankful for your brainwave.

These are just a few ways of using your digital camera. You will find many more if you apply your mind.