The digital camera as your travel companion

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Arts and Culture

You have to be careful when carrying a digital camera on long journeys. Among other things, you must make sure that the camera is carried in a well-padded pouch.  This will protect the camera from any damage that may result from accidental falls or careless handling. You must also keep a spare set of batteries, maybe two sets, and a battery charger. This will ensure that you don't run out of power just when you spot something exciting.

Equally important is to carry a sufficient number of memory cards. There may be times when you may not have access to a computer or a laptop to transfer images from the memory card even though your card's memory may be full. In such cases, a spare memory card will come in very useful. It will save you the unpleasant task of deleting some images.

You can also consider carrying your laptop or Notebook. This is especially useful on such trips because it becomes a valuable storage cum transmitting device. You can transfer the images from your memory card to your laptop. After doing so, you can erase the images from the memory card and get ready to shoot more. The stored images can be e-mailed to your friends, family or colleagues back home.

Another item that you should not forget is voltage/plug adapter. You must remember that in the US, the power supply is 110 volts and 60 Hz. But in many countries abroad the voltage may be 220 volts and 50 Hz. Also, the sockets may be different. You will therefore need an adapter kit that can help you connect your notebook computer, AC adapter, or battery charger to the power lines.

In case you plan to holiday in the wild then you need to carry a solar powered battery charger. This will make sure that you don't run out of battery. However, you should be prepared for situations where you may actually run out of memory space. In such cases, you must make sure that you keep transferring or e-mailing images from any cyber cafe that you find on the highway. This will keep your camera ready to shoot new pictures.

Airport checks are another area of concern. Even though the X-ray machines and metal detectors may not cause much harm, it is always better to ask for a manual check. There is always the possibility of magnetic media such as the Click! Discs getting damaged by a metal detector. Some international airports offer you the choice of manual search of your electronic gadgets. Make sure you use them. There is no point in damaging your expensive equipment.

For frequent travelers, these are minor inconveniences. What's more important is the joy of shooting some valuable moments. That is why a digital camera is a great traveling companion. It can save some of the best moments of your holiday for you, moments that you can share with your family and friends from anywhere in the world.