Are You In Sync With The Latest Guitar Gizmos?

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Music

It is impossible for some to resist the temptation of buying new gadgets. Newer and newer gizmos with fantastic features (and sometimes at fantastic prices too!) arrive at the stores. They are displayed at exhibitions and shows. Many times, we are struck by the ingenuity in the manufacture of a particular product or simply awed by its features. And many times, we are deterred by the prices. This does not mean that any new gadget should necessarily be expensive. There are gadgets that are listed at down to earth prices too.

Korgs MA-30 Digital Metronome offers volume control and sophisticated rhythms at a reasonable price. The same companys very accurate TM-40 Digital Tuner/Metronome is a two-in-one at the same price. Their KDM2 Digital Metronome has enhanced volume and tempo display features, but the price shoots up nearly two-fold. When good features combine with dependability in a product, the prices are bound to go up a bit, but you do not grudge paying for it. You can also check out Fenders MT-1000 Chromatic Tuner/Metronome. It is a wonder with many features like a pitch generator and controls for mode, tempo and beat. It also includes an LCD display.

Planet Waves offers two very good guitar chord computers. The lesser priced one, the Chordmaster Guitar Chord Dictionary for Palm Pilot, has the same software as their Chordmaster Guitar Chord Dictionary, which holds an amazing number of 4500 chords in its little frame.

 Though it is not a gizmo, the Axys Reversible Guitar Slide from Shubb is a clever piece of invention. With this slide on your finger, you can change between playing with the slide and with your finger. A long portion of the slide has been left uncovered along its length. You flick the slide around to get the covered or the uncovered portion underneath your finger, and change between the two modes of playing. It has really caught my imagination.

The BOSS TU-2 Stage Tuner provides accurate tuning, and this gadget really lives up to the name of its manufacturer. On the tuner front, the "Bare Bones" Tuner from Intellitouch now offers you to share its companys famous technology at an affordable price. The DT10 Digital Pedal Tuner from Korg is both accurate and versatile. The LED-type display also lets you detect accurately and rapidly. With the DTR1000 Digital Rack Mount Tuner, also from Korg, you can detect the accurate pitch as well as the name of the note.

The Invader SH8 7 String from Seymour Duncan can now be fitted to seven-string guitars. Its black body with the twelve screws looks menacing, and we understand what powerful sounds it can produce if it lives up to its name and looks! And it does!

The Solstice preamplifier mixer from Seymour Duncan has two channels. Hybrid circuitry drives this model. The circuit is low-noise. Moreover, the gain can be adjusted internally within the range of 0db to 24db.

To end on a lighter vein, let us have a look at the Super Bil-Lite from Q Lighting. This little lamp can be clamped (or should I say clipped, it being so small?) to music stands. The real beauty of this little lamp lies in the fact that its beam, coming out of a Luxeon LED, reaches an incredible 60 feet!