Online Guitar Lessons: Where to Find Real Help

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Music

From needles to elephants, and from worthless gossip to semi-classified government data you can find information on virtually everything that you may care to know about, on the web. You can expect guitar lessons, which certain fall between these two extremes, to be available easily enough.

The majority of computers in the modern world are connected to the internet, making it possible to bring together an enormous volume of information. Unfortunately, though, most of that volume is made up of total drivel. In this age of information overload, finding information is no more a problem at all. The real problem is finding the good information, and rejecting the bad. This will be made clear to you as you troll the web looking for free guitar lessons.

As you go to a competent search engine looking for free guitar online lessons, free online guitar lessons shall glut your browser and choke your web page.  Free online guitar lessons shall rise up in dozens, in hundreds, in thousands, to strike you in the face. Advertisements for free online guitar lessons shall hurt your eyes and take your breath away. Links to free online guitar lessons shall march past your field of vision until you can't take it any more. You shall develop a carpal tunnel syndrome in your mouse hand, clicking incessantly on free online guitar lessons pages. The very idea of free online guitar lessons shall sit like a heavy load on your chest and make you regret the day you ever thought about the cursed thing. In short, when you search the internet for free online guitar lessons, you will be spoilt for choice.

So how do you know which link is good and which is utter rubbish? Here's a few useful pages on which you can depend not to feed you nonsense, but rather help you pick some of the basic skills of guitar-playing.

First, visit the guitar pages of Here is a wealth of varied information that you can trust. These have been written by or syndicated from experts or at least advanced practitioners of the craft, and though they leave out major areas of the subject, the little advice that they do give is quite sound.

Other websites include Guitar Noise, a veritable treasure house of high-quality, free guitar lessons to suit all levels of students, and covering a wide range of subjects from choosing the right instrument to picking up special styles and other nuances of the craft.

One mistake people often make is to think that e-mails and the web are the whole of the internet. They are not. There are many more services out there which you can mine for free guitar lessons. There is the Internet Relay Chat system, commonly called IRC, which you can access using a common IRC program like mIRC. Search the IRC forums for channels that match with the keywords 'guitar lessons', and you shall have an extensive list of places where you can have live chats with experts willing to give you tips for free.

Another revolutionary new way of disseminating guitar lessons for free on the internet has been invented by iPlayMusic. They have made available a series of 35 guitar lessons in video form for beginners, which can be played on the Apple iPod. You need to access the iTunes online music store from your iPod, and search for iPlayMusic. In the results page, subscribe to the video podcast titled 'iPlayMusic'. That's all there is to it.