Designing a bedroom for two children

By Charles Hopkins Published 03/13/2006 | Home Improvement

When you have limited space in your house and not enough bedroom for everyone to have their own, you have to compromise and do some creative designing in order to make two people very happy about sharing a room.  It can be difficult to make two children understand why they have to share a bedroom, but it does not have to be cramped and cluttered space. 

A great way to divide the room for two separate children is to split it diagonally.  Create two separate spaces for the two siblings so that they can express their own style.  Doing this will give them two walls to decorate and design however, they want.  They can express their own personal style and both children can have their dream room all in one. 

If there are two windows in the bedroom so that there is one window for each child, let them choose the window treatment that they want. This will let them express their personalities and have the theme that they want.  If there is only one window in the room for the children to share, then you should choose a neutral window treatment that will compliment each of the childrens décor. 

To make more space in the closet, take the doors off.  Instead of having doors, you can use a curtain or decorative beads to enclose the closet.  This will leave more room for both childrens belongings. 

You should give a little more leeway to the older sibling.  This child has been there longer and it is important that you keep their feelings in mind when you decide which child gets the bigger space, more closet room or an extra dresser.  This will make the older child feel a litter better about sharing a room with the younger sibling. 

Let both children pick out the style of bedding that they want.  This will let them have their own style and personality.  They will feel more secure when they sleep at night when they have the bedding that they want.  You should also let them decide on the type of beds that they want.  If you have a younger child and they want a racecar or Barbie bed, let them have it. This may make all the difference when it comes to getting them to go to sleep at night. 

Give the children the power to make decisions in the room.  You do not have to turn over complete control, but they need to feel like they are a part of something as special as designing their bedroom.  This will not only make them feel more secure and confident, but it will also let you spend quality time with your children. 

If the room is big enough, create a space for them to sit or play.  This will be a great feature when it comes to having the children play together.  Have a small chair or daybed available to create a warm and cozy gathering space.  You can also add some of the childrens toys and crafts to allow them to interact with each other. This will also give them a space to kick back and relax when they need to. 

You can make both of the children happy and have a beautiful room all in one.  Both children will like their room more when they get the chance to help create the atmosphere.  It may even make them feel even better about sharing a room.