Multiple Domain Names - Trick or Threat?

By Monica Corral - Lorica Published 07/18/2006 | Domain Name

Having multiple domain names has quiet aroused the interest of other webmasters. But for those who have a better knowledge of the overall web marketing process, this is not a good idea at all!

Website owners who dont have better understanding of the search engines and the entire internet business may have thought over having another domain or domains for the purpose of having multiple listings on the search results. Thinking they can spam the search engines with slightly different domain names, these webmasters dont know what they are doing. It is basically spamming.

Do You Need Another Domain?Having multiple domains is an old trick that search engines abhor. Why? Definitely because these extra domains mess the databases of search engines with basically same pages that direct to a single site. There is certainly no need for another domain to increase your sites visibility on the search results.

First you have to consider the reason behind the new domain. If it is solely for the purpose of being more visible on the search results, forget it. You can always optimize the existing site and still get better visibility. If you need to add more product information or advertisement on the site, you can always do this by adding more pages. No need for another domain.

Remember that each page of your site is a gateway to the other pages. There is a high chance of getting them ranked highly, all you need is an effective optimization process not another domain. Each of these pages can actually rank well on the search engines and no need to trick the search engines with another domain.

What Should Be Instead of Another Domain?Another myth that confused webmasters may have left their faith on is that domain names that are rich in keywords will give their site a higher ranking. The truth is this: domain names have little effect on the ranking of sites on the search results. So quit the idea of having another domain name that is jam-packed with keywords. You may have noticed other sites with keyword rich domain names and they are doing well in the search results. This may be because these sites have utilized search engine optimization as well.

Instead of thinking for another domain name, you can decide on getting keyword rich title tags, website content and inbound links. These will guarantee your site a higher ranking on the result pages. Make your site relevant and good ranking will soon follow.

Having another domain is not the only way to get higher ranking and visibility. Instead of thinking about it, divert your attention on effective ways to optimize your site. There are just a number of other options.

Now you know that you don't need another domain just to play "tricks" on the search engine! So if ever you are actually thinking of having mulitple domains now, cut it out!