Enjoy Whitewater Rafting this Summer

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/7/2006 | Travel

As the summer's warmth takes hold, what will you do to beat the heat and celebrate the season? Leave it to bookworms to curl up on their beds or couches; you need your adrenaline fix. You need to feel the sweet rush of excitement up your spine, to enjoy life as it should be lived. So put on your boating gear and enjoy the extreme sport of whitewater rafting this summer.

Feel the rush of the rapids and the turbulence of foaming liquid in your nerves. Perceive the frightening lurch of the vessel in the pit of your stomach. Sense the thrill of living on the edge. Whitewater rafting can bring all these to you, and more.

But even if you aren't a habitual daredevil, you will find this a fun and worthwhile experience. First, it is a great way to take a close look at nature and its powers. You know you need that to beat the growing feeling that life consists only of office cubicles and interest rates.

Also, you have this secret theory that you're an unusually strong person, and would prove to have great endurance and stamina, given the opportunity. Your reflexes are remarkable, and as for the ability to think quickly and effectively, you're one of the unsung geniuses of the world. Great. We aren't going to dispute your assessment. But why not put your unparalleled qualities to the test, so that you can finally be sure that you are really the person you think you are?

And what better way to test oneself than going whitewater rafting?

What is more, all adventure sports tend to bring friends and comrades together like no other activity can do. This is because in these you have absolutely no option but to work as a team, and everyone's life and limbs depend on the responsible behavior of everyone else. This feeling can give rise to a deep bond of trust as no mere social mixing can.

If you're an honest person, you should admit that you feel that tiny pinch of worry every time you toss back a can of your favorite beer during the peak summer months. You worry that you don't work/exercise enough to burn up all that you drink, and you lose some sleep when you think of a potbellied future. Drink you must, if only to prevent dehydration in the hot, dry days of June, but how do you enjoy your drink with a clean conscience? Because that's how you enjoy your drinks best.

Well, the solution is simple. Go whitewater rafting this summer, and when you come back from each session you'll probably be so dead beat that you can toss away all that you want without so much as a protesting murmur from your conscience.

And of course you've always wanted to go on a cruise but never could afford it. Well, whitewater rafting has very little in common with a luxury cruise except that you float on water. But it costs only a tiny fraction of what a cruise would cost, and additionally you get the chance to call cruisers 'sissy' to their face, pretending that it was only your disdain for a safe and normal trip that made you discard the option!

Grab these advantages while stocks last go whitewater rafting today!