How to Build a Cold Water Aquarium

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Fishing and Boating

Fish require various temperatures. When you place fish inside an aquarium, it is important that you duplicate their natural environment as much as possible. If the fish are native to a tropical area, they will need to be in water with high temperatures. Similarly, fish that live in cold environments should be in a cold water aquarium.

To have fish of a cold water species, it will be necessary to build a cold water aquarium. The cold water will be necessary to make sure that the fish are able to live and thrive in the aquarium. Without a cold water aquarium, the fish could eventually die. Keep in mind that a cold water aquarium will be more expensive than other kinds of aquariums since the water has to be kept at a low temperature.

You can easily build a cold water aquarium by adding a chiller to the aquarium. These chillers can be purchased as a unit that connects to the filtration system. The chiller acts like an air conditioner, cooling the water to the desired temperature.

The chiller for the cold water aquarium must be maintained in a manner that is similar to a refrigerator. It must be kept clean and free of salt. The filter will also need to be replaced periodically.

You can also build a cold water aquarium using a thermostat similar to the kind that is used for a heated aquarium. The temperature on the thermostat can easily be adjusted in order to provide the fish with the cold temperature that is needed for them to live.

The materials need to build a cold water aquarium can be purchased from a pet store or other store that sells aquariums. There are also kits available that will allow you to build your cold water aquarium. Purchasing such a kit is best for someone that has never built an aquarium before. Since the kit will come with instructions from the manufacturer, it will be easier to build the cold water aquarium.

When you have a cold water aquarium, there is always the possibility that the cold water mechanism will go out. A power failure could also be potentially damaging if your aquarium uses electricity. In either of these cases, the water temperature will need to be chilled by some other means. The fish will only be able to survive for a short period of time at room temperature. This might not be enough time for you to repair or replace the chilling mechanism on the aquarium. If such an event occurs, you should place ice in several airtight Ziploc bags. Place the bags inside the aquarium to keep the temperature cool.

Cold water aquariums are becoming increasingly popular as it is becoming easier to recreate cooler temperatures inside an aquarium. You can purchase a chilling mechanism to add to an existing aquarium or purchase a kit that will allow you to build a cold water aquarium. In either case, make sure that the temperatures are cool enough for your fish.