How to Build a Nurse Shark Tank

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Fishing and Boating

Sharks have long since been creatures of the animal kingdom that continually leave people in awe and inspire them. Perhaps it was Peter Benchleys novel JAWS that truly brought sharks to the public consciousness more than any other form of media spotlight; but, regardless of the method that brought sharks to peoples attention, the fact remains that they image of the thrashing tail and sharp teeth has proven indelible in the minds of people.

Now, not everyone is all that scared of sharks. Everyday there are those who shell out a few bucks for a boat ride so that they may dress up in scuba gear and find themselves lowered into the water to spend time with the sharks. Granted, these people are kept within the safety confines of a shark cage, but the fact that the giant ocean predators are swimming right in front of them surely can be cardiac arrest inducing!

Now, some folks take their love for sharks to such an extreme that they wish to have them as pets and placed in an aquarium! If one is a billionaire like the bad guy in the old James Bond film THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, one can have one of those cool building-sized aquariums filled with tiger sharks. However, for the shark lover on a budget, one may wish to have a nurse shark aquarium in their dwelling.

Now, a nurse shark may seem like one of the smaller, friendlier sharks in the great ocean, it is still a wild creature that can be unpredictable. A nurse shark can run from one to two feet, but it is not uncommon for the sharks to reach extended lengths of fifteen feet. Yes, fifteen feet! That would seem like a fairly difficult beast to have in the bathtub, would it not?

So, how does one build an aquarium to house such a shark? Well, before attempting to house the shark one needs to ask if a nurse shark is truly the type of pet one would prefer to have. Granted, it may look cool to have a shark in ones living room, it would be wildly cruel and unfair to try and house the shark only to have an aquarium that is not truly able to properly house the shark. Why purchase a shark when it may possibly die from neglect?

So, how does one go about constructing a nurse shark aquarium if one feels they are able to care for the shark? What are the main things one should know or one should consider when building the aquarium? Well, if you have to ask, then do not even bother building it.

The best idea here is to purchase an aquarium directly from a dealer of these aquariums. Just muddling along trying to build such a sophisticated piece of equipment is insane. One should look for a dealer who knows how such aquariums are constructed and purchase directly from the dealer. To try to do otherwise just might turn out to be disastrous!