How to Select Aquarium Décor

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Fishing and Boating

Pinking out the fish for your new aquarium can be fun. You can choose among several different kinds of fish for the kind and color of fish that you would like to have in your aquarium. Some find selecting the aquarium décor just as much fun, and sometimes more, as choosing the fish that will live inside the aquarium. When you are choosing decoration for your aquarium, there are a great number of selections that you can purchase.

It is important that you are aware of the amount of décor that the aquarium can hold without having a negative impact on the fish. This will depend on the kind of fish that you have and the size of the aquarium. Conduct some research on the various kinds of fish that you have in your aquarium in order to determine the amount of decorations they can comfortably have inside their living space.

When it comes to décor, there are few limits on what you can place inside the aquarium. The two most important considerations in selecting aquarium décor is the safety of the fish and your personal preference. Of course, you should not purchase décor that will make you cringe every time you walk by the aquarium. Your aquarium decorations should be attractive and pleasing to you and your fish.

The décor that you choose for your aquarium should match the look that you are going for with your aquarium. You can choose colors that match the interior of the room where the aquarium will sit or the fish that will live inside the aquarium.

You might consider purchasing gravel to line the bottom of the aquarium. Gravel is available in many different colors. This will allow you to choose a color of gravel that matches the scheme that you are going with for your aquarium. A good idea is to use the gravel as the base color of the aquarium. This will be the color that the other decorations match. A neutral color like brown or beige is good because it is easier to match with other items. You can also be adventurous with colors like blue or green.

When you are choosing decorations for your aquarium, it is important to make sure that the decorations are not toxic. Even if the decoration is not toxic, it might contain some element that has a negative effect on the amount of oxygen in the water. Before putting any kind of décor into your aquarium, be completely certain that it will be safe for the fish.

Choose decorations that you think will make the tank look better. There are ornaments and plants that you can place inside the aquarium to improve its look. When you are placing plants inside the aquarium you can choose between plastic and live plants. Although live plants create a better environment for the fish, they also require extra care. If you choose live plants make sure that you are willing to give them the proper care.

It is not difficult to select décor for your aquarium. Choose the pieces that you think will make your aquarium look best.