How to Select Fish Food for Aquarium Fish

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Fishing and Boating

Like all animals, fish need food in order to live. In their natural habitats, fish can easily find food on their own. When you place fish inside an aquarium, you are now responsible for feeding. Before you leave the pet store with your newly purchased fish, you should purchase pet food for the fish. This way you will be able to feed them as soon as you put them inside your new home.

It is important that you choose the right fish food for your aquarium fish so that they remain healthy and live long lives. There are many things that can happen to your fish if they are not fed properly. To keep your fish alive, you will need to choose the right food for them.

You can choose between live and processed for your aquarium fish. Live food will consist of plants and microorganisms that provide the nutrients that your feed needs in order to survive. Processed food can come frozen or in flakes or pellets.

The first part of purchasing fish food is knowing the kinds of fish that you have. Many fish will be able to live on the same kind of food. If you have several different breeds of fish you might have to purchase different kinds of food for some of the breeds of fish. Once you know the kind of fish that you have, then you will be better able to choose the kind of food that the fish will need.

Once you know the kind of fish that you have, then you should do some research on the kinds of food that the fish require. You can find this information in books at your local library or bookstore. You can also find information on the kind of food that your aquarium fish requires by using the Internet. A final option for determining the kind of food needed for your aquarium fish is to ask a worker at your local pet store.

The food that you purchase for your aquarium fish should contain the nutrients and protein that your fish need in order to live. You can find out the nutritional content by reading the labels on the fish containers. These labels will give valuable information that will help you to choose food for your fish.

Not only do fish container labels contain nutritional information about the food, usually, the labels also contain the kinds of fish that the particular food can be used for. When you are shopping for food pay close attention to the labels to be sure the food is suited for the kind of fish that you have. Even if you are unsure of the exact kind of food your fish need, the labels of fish food containers will be a good source of information.

Just like people, fish like some variety in the food they eat. Purchase different kinds of food for your fish so that they dont become bored with eating the same kind of food over and over.