How to Select Fish for a Cold Water Aquarium

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Fishing and Boating

When you are building an aquarium, one of the most exciting steps is selecting the fish that will live in the aquarium. One of the major factors that will come into play when you are selecting fish is the kind of aquarium that you have. If you are going to have a cold water aquarium, you will need to choose fish that survive in a cold environment. While there might be a few varieties of fish that can become accustomed to cold water, the majority of fish must be native to cold temperatures.

Selecting fish for a cold water aquarium is not much different from choosing fish from any other kind of aquarium, whether is a heated aquarium or a regular aquarium. The thing that you have to keep in mind is that the fish are suited for cold water.

You can do some research in order to find out the different kinds of fish that can survive in a cold water aquarium. Your local library or bookstore will have books that provide the information that you need.

Another way to find out the kinds of fish that are suited for a cold water aquarium is to ask someone at your local pet store. A pet store employee will be knowledgeable about the different kinds of fish and the temperatures that fish can live in.

Once you are familiar with the different kinds of fish that you can choose from, the next step is to make a selection. The fish that you choose for your aquarium will be a matter of personal preference. If you have never taken care of fish before, it will be best to start off with fish that do not require much maintenance. This will decrease the possibility of something going wrong with the fish. On the other hand, if you have experience with fish care, then you can choose among any of the varieties of fish that are available.

Choose fish that are colored in a way that you like. Since you will be taking care of the fish and you are purchasing them for your enjoyment, you should like the fish that you purchase. It would be an unpleasant experience if you purchase fish that you do not like. You will only be reminded of this dislike each time you walk by the aquarium. Purchase fish that you like.

When you are browsing through the fish in the pet store, pay close attention to the way that they move inside the tank. Fish that are sluggish and hide in corners will more than likely do the same inside your home. If you want to have active fish in your cold water aquarium, choose those that are active inside the pet store aquarium. Fish will not automatically perk up just because you have placed them in a different environment.

The two most important factors of choosing fish are that the fish are suited for the temperature of the cold water aquarium and that you like the fish you purchase.