How to Stabilize Aquarium Temperatures

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Fishing and Boating

Aquarium aficionados love their tropical fish. And with good reason: tropical fish provide a beautiful addition to ones home or apartment and truly add a sophistication to the dwellings environment. But, of course, there are clear and proper reasons that an aquarium is heavily desired for ownership.

Psychologically, there is a placid nature to aquariums that truly add to stabilizing ones temperament and mood. After all, an aquarium is not an item that is traditionally associated with anger or mayhem. So, the addition of an aquarium to ones dwelling is a highly prized addition at that.

And, of course, the most important reason for adding an aquarium to ones dwelling is so as to enjoy the beauty of the tropical fish themselves. Fish are creatures that inspire wonderment and  their addition to a home is truly a positive addition.

Now, while does not have to walk fish around the block, fish do require care and attention so they may actually live beyond a few weeks. Not only is feeding and cleaning the tank absolutely important, but so is maintaining a stable temperature so that the environment that the fish live in will actually be an environment that they can survive in.

First and foremost, one needs to purchase a heater for the tank. Yes, believe it or not, there are those who forget this very important basic step and end up purchasing an aquarium that is missing probably the most critical equipment that the tank will require. So, before one even considers other methods of stabilizing the temperature of an aquarium, one must purchase a proper, functional heater to attach to the aquarium.

The heater should always stabilize the temperature of the aquarium at a level that is acceptable for the well being of the fish. The temperature should not drop too low or the fish will freeze. The temperature of the fish tank should not raise to such a degree that the fish can not survive in it. Generally, tropical fish need to have a temperature in the seventies in order to survive and the heater must maintain this level of temperature or it will create an unstable environment for the fish to live in.

Now, in order for the heater to maintain the proper temperature it has to be the proper heater for the tank. There are numerous heaters on the market and these heaters are all designed to handle a multitude of tank sizes. So, if one has a heater that is too small, the temperature will never be able to be stabilized. If one has a heater that is too big, again, the temperature of the aquarium will never be able to be stabilized either.

So, much of what goes into stabilizing the temperature of an aquarium falls back on a common sense approach to proper pet care and maintenance. Granted, many people neglect the little things that are of absolute paramount importance to maintaining the proper care for an aquarium. In the final analysis, it is purchasing the proper heater and making sure that the heater is properly doing what it is supposed to do that ultimately stabilizes the aquariums temperature.