Popular Saltwater Aquarium Fish

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Fishing and Boating

Popular Saltwater Aquarium Fish

For more experienced fish owners, a saltwater fish aquarium will yield some of the most beautiful fish one has ever seen. Saltwater fish come in all sorts of colors and combinations. Since they are larger than freshwater fish, these fish are able to display a rainbow of color. Like most fish, it is important to find out which fish can live together and which ones cannot. For larger fish, a larger tank will be needed in order to keep them clean and giving them enough oxygen to breathe. In a twenty gallon tank, only five medium sized saltwater fish should be kept.

Popular saltwater fish include the clownfish, damselfish, lionfish, dragonfish, sea horse, and varieties of shark. While some fish are easier the keep, all saltwater fish require regular feedings and clean water in order to survive. A water filtration system is a must when caring for these fish. The water must contain enough salt for them to survive. Clownfish are very colorful and the easiest to take care of. They are not violent and can live with others. Damselfish are smaller than clownfish, but can also live with other fish. Lionfish have feathery scales that resemble a lions mane. These fish are beautiful and can live a long time. Dragonfish are similar to the other fish and can also live a long time. Sea horses and sharks are for more experienced fish owners, since the temperature in their tank must be the correct temperature at all times. They must also be fed the right amount of food.

A fish owner cannot combine saltwater and freshwater fish as the fish would die either by attack or because of the amount of salt in the water. It is best to have two fish tanks if raising both saltwater and freshwater fish. Many people usually have a preference and stick to one type. Saltwater fish are seen mostly in office buildings because they are so beautiful to look at. But their beauty must be maintained.

There are many other species of saltwater fish. These fish can be purchased in pet stores or by a private seller. Most fish raised in captivity have a longer chance for survival than those that were caught in the ocean. Since these fish are used to the ocean and an ocean diet, it is hard to mimic this in a tank. Provide plenty of plants, rocks, and other items the fish hide behind or sleep inside of. This will ensure that the fish do not get bored and will give them a safe place to go if they think they are in danger. Fish, like any other animal, needs to feel secure and also be entertained. Fish that are bored will not live long. Invest in a tank that is big enough for the fish to swim in and also purchase items to decorate the tank with. This will help the fish get used to a new home. Saltwater fish are a great addition for those who enjoy fish and will bring years of beauty to ones place.