Top Aquarium Fish Suppliers

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Fishing and Boating

So you have finally decided to build your own aquarium with a few of the tips from our website.  Youve gotten yourself a suitable tank, followed by all of the necessary instructions to fill that tank with water, sand, plants and a rocks and youre just waiting for the water in the tank to reach a suitable height so you can add the finishing touches. Once youve strapped on all of necessary mechanical filters, pumps and various other aquarium machines you are all ready to finally add a few fish to the tank. Since you should always let the water sit for a few weeks before you add in any fish, now is the perfect time for you to visit a live fish supplier in your state or on the Internet. These stores have a massive selection of all of the most popular fish as well as some fish that are incredibly rare and expensive. From freshwater fish to goldfish to amazing and beautiful saltwater marine animals, the top aquarium fish suppliers have everything that you need to make sure your tank looks completely impressive. Furthermore, you can visit these suppliers time and time again for information and products that can really help you with the care and maintenance of your aquarium.

Perhaps the most popular store for live aquarium fish is the Pets Warehouse. This reputable supplier has been in business online for several years and can provide all types of aquarium owners with some of the best fish on the market. Prices at their online store seem competitive and most saltwater fish cost in the range of around twenty dollars. More expensive and rare fish can be found through their store for around ninety dollars and up while cheap and common fish generally cost less than ten dollars a pop. Along with their massive selection of live aquarium fish, Pets Warehouse also specializes in selling a number of invertebrates and corals which also make amazing additions to your tank especially if you are interested in building a living, breathing reef aquarium. You can even purchase frozen fish foods and live rock that has been harvested from the worlds oceans for use in your very own aquarium. Unfortunately, despite the unbelievable selection of live fish at Pets Warehouse, they offer no pictures of their products. This makes it necessary to navigate away from their site from time to time to check out facts and photos of different fish you may be considering.

If you already have a favorite place to shop for the common fish in your tank, then you should check out All Oddball Aquatics for some rare and hard to find fish to complement your aquarium. Located in Pennsylvania, this brick and mortar store will be happy to mail out your order with a live arrival guarantee so even if your prized fish die in transit, they can be easily replaced from the company. They offer a full selection of photographs of their fish so be sure to check out what they offer before you order. However, despite all they do to make the customers happy, there is no online price sheet for their fish so you will certainly have to call or email to ask for prices before you place your order.