Coffee Roaster for Your Kitchen

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Fishing and Boating

Are you a coffee-lover? Then you might be grinding the beans in your own kitchen to get the freshest flavor and optimum aroma in your cup of coffee. What about getting a bit more adventurous? Try roasting the beans too and see the difference. Believe me; you will taste the freshest coffee of your life if you make it with the beans roasted in your own kitchen. What do you think? Coffee roasting is all about smoke and cracking noise that gives a shudder through your spine! Forget it, just bring home a good quality coffee roaster and you will soon be able to give a professional barista a run for his money.

You might be thinking why should I need to roast the coffee beans at all? Well we all know that the best way of having our coffee fresh is to buy whole beans and a grinder is all that you need to do the job. Now you can get an additional freshness if you roast them as well. The coffee beans contain such elements as sugars, fats and starches and as you roast the beans, the sugar gets caramelized, fats are emulsified, and starches are evaporated. As a result the coffee oil is extracted and it is this coffee oil that renders to your cuppa its wonderful aroma and taste. If you roast the beans lighter, it gives you a sharper flavor and more acidic taste, while the darker roast will give you a fuller flavor. Sometimes we get a smoky and burnt flavor; it results from over roasting of coffee beans. Then in the darker roasted coffee beans, caffeine contents are lower than lighter roasts. However, roast alone is not the deciding criteria for the taste of your coffee. The quality and origin along with the roasting style determines how will your drink taste. 

Do not get panicked; roasting the coffee beans in your kitchen is rather a simple affair. It can even be done in the normal stove or a popcorn popper. But you are passionately in love with coffee isnt it? So you must perform this task with the help of a proper roaster. A coffee bean roaster is a simple machine, a sleek and handy little gadget that can be accommodated on your kitchen counter-top. There are many types of roasters and if you are a novice in this art then consider buying one specially designed for the beginners and then gradually switch to more professional gadgets as you become adept in this roasting job. Here are the descriptions of a few coffee bean roaster models that you can find in all the leading malls or can make an online purchase from their own websites.

HotTop Drum Roaster

Do you consider yourself a serious roaster? Then this brand is for you.  With the capacity of roasting 9oz of beans at a time, this model comes with a viewing window and its electronic controls allow for 7 roasting levels. This a drum roaster takes approximately 20 minutes to roast each batch and all these you get for as little as  580.

Zach & Dani's Gourmet Coffee Roaster

Armed with the catalytic system this machine gives you a smoke free roasting experience.It takes about 30 minutes to finish each 4oz roasting and allows you to fine-tune your roasting. It comes for only 120.


With a capacity of  1/2 lb , this roaster ensures you a quiet operation. It comes with an enclosed drum. So you can not watch the roasting process and it gives you smoke. But all these are compensated by its higher capacity. It is priced at 250.

i-Roast 2

It is a small gadget  ideal for average household purposes.

it comes with digital control and thus it ensures utmost precision with regard to roasting time and temperature. It has the capacity of roasting 1/2 to 1 cup of green beans at a time.

You can get it for 199.

Choose a model that suits your kitchen and start your day every morning by brewing yourself a cupful of steaming coffee with freshest aroma.