Is Your Coffee a Sub-Standard Drink?

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Food & Drink

Brought about in the USA, centuries ago by the European settlers, coffee has become an integral part of American culture. Today USA is among those countries that record very high rate of coffee consumption. But still there are many people who malign coffee as rather a substandard drink, because of its caffeine content.

Worried over the possible ill effects of caffeine, many people shy away from drinking coffee or they rather prefer decaffeinated coffee. If you also belong to this group, you have I must say, a rather outdated view. The current findings in this field suggest that a moderate drinking of coffee that ranges to few cups a day makes for an absolutely safe beverage. And that is not all; this moderate intake of coffee can also offer you some health benefits.

Are you concerned about growing level of sugar in your blood? Then consider start drinking coffee. There are studies to show that the chances of type 2 diabetes considerably diminish if you maintain a habit of drinking coffee at a regular basis. Coffee also helps prevent colon cancer, reduces the risk of developing gallstones. Those who are at high risk of developing liver diseases can consider drinking coffee in moderation, as coffee reduces the risk of liver diseases. Then coffee works for the improvement of cognitive function and reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease. Are you into any kind of sports? Then get stimulation through the drink of coffee, as this beverage enhances endurance power related to long lasting physical activities.

Coffee has been a traditional favorite for improving alertness (remember those exam days when cups of coffee used to help you through the nights to complete the projects). If you view coffee as an excellent means for staying awake or staying alert in the times urgency, then consider splitting the total intake in small portions. As for instance, if you require 16 ounce coffee to keep you awake, then spread this amount (simply divide each consumption in 2 to 3 ounce per hour) through out the day and you will find a better result. In this way, you follow the principle of moderation, yet get an enhanced result.

Then coffee can even help you to fight the fallouts of a bad life style. Those who are chain smoker or compulsive drinker, suffer less from heart and liver related diseases if they maintain a habit of regular moderate coffee drinking. Those who do not drink coffee but maintains a similar lifestyle are more likely to face the consequences of an uncontrolled lifestyle.

In this society, where environmental pollution has become a cause of concern, asthma has emerged as a chronic disease both in the children and the adults. Consuming coffee in moderation may help you to fight this disease and work for controlling its possible attacks. Then think of the monster called migraine and the intolerable pain it entails. Drink coffee regularly and keep headache at bay. Drinking coffee even prevents developing cavity. Most importantly, in the time of depression and mood swings, just try a cup of coffee and feel a boost inside you.

So think of it: a beverage that prevents such a killer disease as colon cancer; fights against type 2 diabetes; prevents cavities; takes care of your mood swing; gives you relief from intolerable headache! So what do you say? Can an inferior drink have so many health benefits? Certainly not and so simply coffee is not a sub standard drink. It is not unnecessary that all over the North America, the majority of the population has developed a fetish for this wonderful aromatic drink. As with everything in life, so is true of drinking coffee: never exceed the prescribed limit, practice moderation and believe me, little harms result from drinking it, only lots of benefits