5 great places to retire

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Social Issues

Mr. Henry what is the most coveted thing in your life now? Well sometimes it was academic results, then job followed by security, building up a happy family and so on. But now when I have really fulfilled all my responsibilities, I anxiously look forward to the official date of my retirement and if possible retire from the routine engagements and stipulated duties even prior to that. Retirement is actually a honeymoon period when you can begin thinking in a fresh way. Above all you can fulfill the desire of doing all those things by retiring to those places where you really wanted to go but couldnt in the rat race of your routine life.

This is Mr. Henris philosophy of retirement. He will recharge his mobility spirit and set out for great places as soon as he retires. What about yours? If you are in the same shoes of that of Mr. Henry, here are some great locales for you where you can rush to after retirement. Sounds weird? Not at all! Because there are many places in this world exclusively a dream hub for the retired people, retired couples and senior citizens. These are the places where they refresh their tired nerves and start cherishing their new dreams.

Head on to 5 destinations with great features once you retire:

You have heard of Beaufort? Located in the north of Hilton Head Islands, Beaufort is at a distance of 35 miles from here. You can simply rejoice with the lure of Savannah climate and an all round greenery appeal. Beaufort is known for its historical importance and natural charisma. Retirees love this place because it is far from the maddening crowd where they can go for fishing, boating and golfing all the year round. You can buy a house of 3-bedroom for 200000.

Florida is among the most coveted places of retirees across the globe. And if you can land up on Sarasota, its heaven! A land of ballets, opera, symphony and theaters, Sarasota is marked for its cultural life. Sarasota lies in the gulf coast of Florida and enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year. Generally it has been seen that retired people love this climate the most because it is neither too hot and nor too cold. Recreation and entertainment is the core features of this city. More than sixty golf courses and nearly 150 parks cover the whole city. So you never miss out the most happening things and at the same time can soothe your nerves in the lap of nature. You can buy a spacious house in about 282000. 

St. George is another desirable destination of the retirees. Located in Utah along the southwestern line, it enjoys a high desert climate with moderate winters and sunny weather all throughout the year. St. George is best known for its scenic beauty. The red rock cliffs circling round the valley hold the major attractions. And you can easily avail a family house at 200000.

Now if you are not looking for fun and frolic but peaceful harmony of nature, then you must start living in Bellingham, located in the middle of Bellingham Bay and Mount Baker. It is also a historical city with many art forms in practice. You can also begin one and that can be the best engagement in your retired life. The 3 bedrooms house will owe you something around 250000.

How can you miss the youthful flavor and the cool climate of San Luis Obispo of south California? It is a paradise of this region because you get a mixed geography of hills and coastal belt at the same time over here. Though the cost of a house in quite high and may start with 500000 nonetheless the attraction for this place is higher than that.