Assisted Living for seniors - What you need to know

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Social Issues

Are you haunted about thinking of your days after retirement? Lonesome and invalid do these come to your mind as old age symbols? Then you are wrong. Definitely your energy level to perform will decline, you might find yourself entrapped in various restrictions regarding your food habit and medication etc. But why should you become low at your spirit?

Cheer up when you are in your sixties. It is the period of rejuvenation. Its your rebirth. Enjoy life in an all new way. And give up all those maladies from life which you have heard from ages regarding growing sick as you grow older. You can live up to your life even after you reach this stage.

You must have heard of Assisted Living for seniors? But are you also aware of the range of facilities that an assisted living provides? It is really a process or a system to make your way of living better with proper care and concern.

What is Assisted Living for seniors all about?

When you are not in a position to even conduct your regular chores and routine needs, you really need assistance or a constant support. Your kids may put you in a nursing home for a few days but you are not actually that ill or bed ridden. What you require is someone sparing time for you and looking after you as in normal cases. The approach is to give you a support but not withholding your independence.

The basic structure of an Assisted Living for seniors has a round the clock service with personal touch than any other nursing home. More than 33000 Assisted Living Services are working in the US and in most of them the number of people dwelling in range between 25 and 300.

What are the classifications of Assisted Living Facilities?

Assisted Living for seniors can be of different categories as per your requirements. If you seek personal care and a constant assistant for your nursing, you can live in Personal Care Homes and Residential Care Homes. Now you want to be among people and enjoy the company of others, the best option for you is the Community Residences.

Apart from these you have Domiciliary Care and Sheltered Houses for assisted living.

What are the ways of taking care?

From routine works like bathing, cleaning, dressing and eating, you will be under supervision and if medical assistance is needed, then and then experts are ready at your help. Apart from basic activities of daily living, an assisted living socializes your life in every possible way.

You get to involve in community development programs organized by the Assisted Living Society. Social events, cultural programs, sport events both indoor and outdoor become the part and parcel of your life. You are also provided with a constant support of community services like cleaning your house, laundry facility, transportation, security call systems, emergency bells etc.

Again its an all round approach incorporating both the physical and mental health of the person staying here. Generally people of this age group suffer from emotional stress that becomes the root cause of other diseases. So special attention is given to every individual, so that they dont feel isolated from home and separated from family members.

How can you join an Assisted Living?

When you have really grown old and have started feeling that a permanent assistance all the time is required, you can join an Assisted Living Service. It is mostly a non-profit making organization but sometimes the charges per month are quite higher, even more than 4000. But you can also afford in at a reasonable rent of 800 a month.

But before you start living in any premise of the assisted living for seniors, make sure of the features of facilities they provide. Because its the beginning of a new life!