How to go about for protection of assets post retirement

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Social Issues

Preparing for retirement is no less than preparing for a new start. Dont take it lackadaisically! Though apparently its a comeback to home, but it is a departure from many social and official securities. Tendencies of building loneliness and a state of void are often awful. The consequences are even bitter.

You have devoted an entire life for growing the best for your household bit by bit. Now on the verge of leaving your work, how can you leave your position, you status? So what should you do or how should you plan for to maintain a certain balance in the lifestyles of pre-retirement and post-retirement stages. Have you planned for keeping your assets safe and secured?

Dont waste a single minute from today onwards. Start preparing from now so that when the fruits ripe, they taste the best.

The market is flooded with several retirement schemes. Every now and then you come across something new and all claim to provide superb beneficiaries. And you are perplexed which one to go for. How to begin and when to begin from?

Here are some set propositions devised for the best safeguard of your assets:

  • Seek help of a fiduciary or in other words a professional planner who will look after the management of your retirement plans, schemes and also your assets. A fiduciary can be the Chief Finance Officer, the HR Head, any trustee and so on. That does not matter what name he/she is called by but it is important that the person takes deep care in formatting right schemes in the right hours.
  • Once you have started depending on a fiduciary, dont think that retirement planning is not your concern. Actually he takes the burden to manage but the control key is still in your hands. Always keep a track on your accounts and check out whether unnecessary bills are flogging in. Dont sign anything without noticing the clauses. Your carelessness may be taken as an advantage by your fiduciary.
  • Check out for the changes fixed by your employer that might affect on your plan. Once you enter a policy, dont think you can do with it not paying the minimum attention. No! You will have to develop sincerity in dealing with these things as well.
  • Insurances are also a part of your retirement plan. But before you invest for insurance, make sure the authenticity of the insurers guarantee. Fake insurers are in every lane with tall claims and assurances of rich returns. Once entrapped, get ready to walk with a nuisance throughout your life thereafter.
  • The employer has a stock of retirement plans and often brings out changes for your benefit. But find it out yourself the reliability of those facilities in an integrated form. Evaluate the pros and cons before you jump to a conclusion. Also take care that the amount credited for you at the end of the day is increased if you go for the change. Unless you are clear about the propositions, dont proceed under hit and trial method. That withholds consistent growth.
  •  You should also know the rights of your better half and allow him/her to take interest in these things. This is important in a double way. You get an advisor and at the same time someone close to you remains aware of your assets. Any unpredictable mishap shall not lead the entire family into misfortune.

Dont let your efforts die with you. Let the generations to come in the next millennium even cherish on your assets praising the grand will of their forefather.