How to retire happy with proper financial planning

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Social Issues

Are you in the queue? Yes in the row to retire? Tensed? Panicked about the forthcoming days? Or have you planned for it years before? Relaxed! Ready to bite on the ripen fruits you have planted for all these working years? If so, enjoy at the onset of this new life.

For most, retirement pops up as a gloomy phase of life and they start feeling that to be the end of it. But it can be just an 180˚ turn, if you plan it in a proper way years before you retire. So wont you love to retire on a happy note instead of a farewell bell? Retirement is actually saying bye to a monotony of fixed jobs and welcoming the spirit to change and work out things of your choice.

It is obvious that the primary tension that bites you when the days of your retirement knock at the door is your financial security. So how do you plan for it to enjoy utmost freedom at this new beginning?

The planning should be done by keeping every aspect clear without ignoring any bit of it. May be your son is still in the college and the major part of your responsibility lies in shaping his future. Again it might happen that all your liabilities are over and you and your better half have to spend together alone for the rest of the life. Here you will need medical assistance at regular intervals of time. Even to carry on with your social life, you will have friends coming in. So how will you cope up in every respect in the best possible way without creating a stress on your finance and also a burden on your heart?

Follow some basic rules to ensure a better life even after retirement. You are the only right person to assess your position. The best person who can understand the real status of your material being lies in your hands. So check out for all these aspects and figure out the master plan where to put which investment.

The golden rule goes this way.

  • First you must track out the source of your income after retirement. This can be from a retirement scheme such as 401(k) plans etc, your provident fund and sometimes your pensions. This can also be the deposits and amounts fixed in the banks from insurances and likewise.
  • After getting aware of the source of income, get a holistic idea of the duration of its usage. Precisely how long can you depend on that money? Here there is a twist. Because every thing depends on your will and rate of expenditure. Let it be a hypothetical issue because adversities may appear anytime on your way. Still you are aware of your spendthrift attitude. So accordingly you can shape your requirements and the budget that meets them up.
  • Once the budget is clear, keep a part of it which is invisible but can pop up anytime in life. So budget on a larger account and you know that you will spend lesser than that. Here you can opt for retirement plans and consider their credibility. Though we began with the money after income but the point over here is how you really make that money. Shuffle on some well known plans and select the best one according to your necessities.
  • When you actually plan for investments, its your turn to make sure how much you can risk upon those. Because once you start with a plan you cannot retreat or else you will be badly penalized and also undergo a loss. Your assets and valuables do matter at such times. Therefore dont try to go beyond your reach that may bring you bumper profit or leave your life jerk on bumps forever.

It is after all the matter of your entire family. Can you gamble on their security? So for better financial protection for the family down the line avoid any easy money making procedures. Happiness cannot be bought. It has to be earned. That follows even when you retire.