Living life king size after you retire: Tips

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Social Issues

Mr. Johnson, you seem to glow more than ever before since you have retired last march. What is the secret behind this? People lose most hope just at the thought of retirement but for you it is living life king size. You can really be an ideal example for those who end up with a note of farewell to all happiness on the very day he or she retires. So there must be some special tips to make life happier in the post retirement days.

Start practicing the things you like

Were you a good writer during your University days? And all of that talent drained out in your rigorous schedule of steel industry as the Production Head. Somewhere you wanted to be a writer? Even if not so, you can really revive that latent talent within you. You can begin as a scribbler. May be some day you write down a complete novel or an autobiography. Neither have you lagged in experiences nor in thoughts! And financial condition has nothing to bother you now.

Start reading books and increase the periphery of your taste. Once you have enriched your resources you can pen down better ideas and great stories.

Initiate with voluntary services

This is the ideal time when you can think for the society and the environment. Otherwise things for you were monotonous and habitual. You can start a small school. If you are a doctor, you can conduct free treatment sessions. You can form a charitable society and involve others to work along with you for a better cause. That can be an environmental issue, a social issue or a domestic front.

You can also participate in the community programs initiated by the government or private organizations. Here you will come across a gamut of new things of interest and very challenging when it relates to development programs.

Join a job of your choice

Those days when you have sweat out your maximum energy on a mandatory work profile, you had no choice. There you had to earn for your living. But you always felt that before closing your eyes forever you should leave back the essence of your existence through some work. The stage of post retirement is the right time when you can really join something you would love to do. You can become a consultant and help the young souls achieve their goals. Also you can start working as a veteran researcher for some company.

Begin a small business

This is more popular among retired women. But men can also find satisfied results in it. This business will be run by you according to your wish and dont just hunch upon the profit making steer. This is something you would love to do. So understand the areas of your passion and likings and you can begin accordingly.

You can opt to sell childrens books. From there you can involve yourself in the publishing circle. It can be also a library where you will allow regular readers. You can open a food stall round the corner of your own house. It may be a parlor and so on.

Concluding on a happy note

What matters the most in leading life in a worth living way is being lively and retaining the cheerful spirit in you. This can only come when you are contended from within. If you are not happy with whatever you do, no money and no comfort can give you pleasure.

Mr. Johnson has cultured it and has a satisfied soul. So his cheeks glow more with the graying of his mustache. What about you?