Money! Bothering you the most after retirement

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Social Issues

Happier you are than ever before! Free than always! In higher spirit than regular rat race! You have just entered the phase of retirement living. Initially things will keep you relaxed and allow you to go with the blues of your moods. But for how long will it last? Have you thought over it?

Retirees! You are certainly out of a hell lot of burdens but also get in to many others at the same time. Your health, ailments and your living expenses bother you the most. Well even earlier it was money you needed to do anything, same now. But as you are without a steady income, worries gather in your mind very easily. And for women this becomes the primary woe.

If 1/3rd of American retired men are bothered about money insecurity add another one-third to the female population of retirees. This has been deduced from a recent survey done with the sponsorship of Putnam Investments. They have worked on the living strategies of retirees dividing them into male and female categories and interviewing them at length. Most of the retirees belong to the contemporary periods, who have not retired for more than half a decade.

It has also come to the conclusion that most retired women spend a lot on medicines in the post retirement days. And their concern on health related issues and problems are higher than that of men. It is very interesting to know that women live a longer life than men. So quite naturally the expenses for the women folk are more.

Long term medical care and individual security are the common areas of major worries in life then. Even if men take it as regular stuff just as another day in life, women go wild in tensions and anxieties.  

Women unlike men cannot bear the trouble of thinking who will take care of them in this chapter of life. Seventy percentage women feel sick at the very thought of long term savings when they should have gone for it and now in terms of security they count themselves as the most unsecured.

Most men and women actually lament on the wish that they should have made more savings. And the rest cry in fowl why didnt they start it in the initial years of their careers.

Now the root of every problem is the ratio of your income and expenditure. The missing of a monthly steady income actually makes you feel void of the primary support of existence. Most people then depend on retirement schemes, deposits and savings amount including insurances etc. 401(k) Plans, Retirement Health Savings Plan and MediCare and Social Securities are the common resources of drawing money in the post retirement days.

Look! Things are to be shaped strategically and in a planned format. Else troubles will cloud over your head always. Go for suggestions from professional financers and scheme out your plan in the most judicious way. Categorically divide your needs and fix the required amounts at par. Problems never pop up with prior signals, thats true but resistance can only be developed if prior safety measures have been taken.

Just howling for money is of no use. Use your brains to organize whatever amount you have and give it a practical sight for use. You are on a safe play and dont risk with your earned money at least at this stage. You have a long experience in your record. Just dont dismantle it coming to this point of destiny.