Post retirement days: Women enjoy it in their own ways

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Social Issues

Its not your beauty thats going to last long. Not even the charm with which you have attracted many shall remain. But what exactly you can leave behind is the essence of your living.

Throughout your life you have done what was asked from you. Some pre-determined and some you observed as your responsibilities. But have you ever explored a world only for yourself? Sounds dreamy? Not at all! A world of your own can make you live up to your aspirations where you really work out with things you love to do the most. No compulsion, no pressure and no bossy arguments.

You can begin on a new hope at the age of sixty and do some wonderful works for this world. You have cooked for your family all your life. Why dont you set up a small food stall after your retirement? This is not for profit making but to keep you engaged and involved.

You had been an employee for all these years you had started working. Now you can become an employer and help others with getting a job by keeping one or two assistants for cooking arranging and serving at your food stall.

Oh! The selling trade is not up to your mark. You dont want those hassles of running a business even if it is a small one. Then what about benevolent services? You can volunteer some social work. Conscious citizens like you should come forward with such urge and look after the protection of the society.

Environment and ecology, protection of animals and gender issues have always been your concern list. But you seldom had time to devote on acting upon such measures. Now you are free to do your small piece and you must act to the full of your turn.

Were you the HR head of your company? Then you must have always loved interacting. Yes but controlling employees in the office had become too monotonous after a certain while. Thats true. But now you can really use your skill for a better cause. Meet the new generation and involve with them in shaping the society. And your contribution will be accepted with pride and worth.

Dont ever think that life ends the day you retire. Its just the reverse. Life sets on a new start at this stage. Your core areas of passion can be reverberated right now!

Work as a consultant, a publisher, a painter and a performer in the theater. At some corner of your life you really had an earnest swing to do all these. Sometimes time didnt permit you and sometimes circumstances compelled you to do else.

Begin with fresh intonation for living life. You will feel the charge from within. This time it will bring you innate pleasure which you really missed even after earning thousand of dollars. Listen to the voice of your heart and reach out to touch others to shape the best and the most beautiful.

Wont that beauty be everlasting than yours? Think over it. Women you have that power within you to make the difference. Discover the real spirit within you in your post retirement days!