Retirement: Beginning of a NEW EXCITING life

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Social Issues

Just retired or standing on the verge of retirement? Whatever be the issue, life for you is at the onset of a change. Its not the stop but stepping into a new life. How beautifully you can shape this new life should be your concern. Rather than feeling dejected, you should kick off the maladies and myths associated with retirement life and show the world how propelling energy you still hold within you.

Begin a new exciting life after you retire from your routine office duty. There is a galaxy of things you can do after retirement. The things which you had once upon a time thought during your salad days can be just revived now. Growing gray hair doesnt mean you have lost your youthful spirit. You can be sixteen even in sixty. It just depends on the way you look at life.

Many things which you really could not do in the busy schedule of your routine life fulfilling all your duties and responsibilities, you can instigate on that note of unfulfilled dreams when you retire. To begin with start realizing that retirement is not a problem, but a solution.

Why dont you make a difference in your surroundings by launching a nature care program? This can be exciting and philanthropic at the same time. Ecology and environment which you always wanted to take care of is now waiting for your embrace. Its your turn now to play your role in making a better world to live in. Plant trees, start gardening not just as hobbies but as service and take them as your job at this stage of life.

Things can be more interesting if you can bring others in your sphere of service. Involvement builds a harmony and the effect can change into a wider resolution. You can begin exploring new possibilities and purposes out of the small root you have grown. You can spread education; you can open a small school or start with a new business.

Before you jump into a decision, find out the areas of your interests, even the latent ones. That gives you the right option to select. You know retirement is that stage of life when whatever you do is not directly associated with earning for livelihood. For that you have already dedicated your entire life and fixed up retirement schemes and plans to get the benefits when you actually retire. Mostly the profit making instinct disappears once you retire, and its more to listen to your heart and not your head.

You should keep yourself open to different innings. If you are a doctor, now you can give charitable services. If you are a teacher or professor you can be a visiting faculty member and also do some charity in education sector. Was good in acting when young? You could not continue because for the entire life you had to work as bank employee. So why dont you join a theater group right now.

Life can be more active than ever before. You may presume before retiring that all your spirit has come to an end but once you develop an area of engagement and involvement you will definitely be pressed for time. It can be music, theater, art, science, technology, research, philanthropy, health anything and everything which you can start exploring after retirement. Post retirement portfolio may turn more distinguishing than your official designation. More rewarding can be the results. Still depressed and feeling deprived? No, not again!