Security of your house! Thats prime when you retire

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Social Issues

Does in the prefix trouble you most when you lead a retired life? Do insecurity, incapability, inefficiency become the dominant factors of existence? Yes!

Retirees you are not to be blamed for thinking likewise. Actually with the graying of hair and degeneration of bones such fears do cripple around your mind. You really cant ignore the backup of physical strength to boost your mental power. What bites you most in the retired stage of life is the security and protection of your house after your health.

But heres great news for you all from the U.S. Department of Justice that the effects of criminal activities on senior citizens have declined to a great extent. Thus there is no need to stay under stress and constant fear that older people cant protect their habitats and look after their shelter.

Even if the security system has given the assurance of low crime but precautions are always better. Some simple steps can make a bigger difference in keeping your household safe and free from the reach of hoodlums. You must know now that physical strength is not the key to resist. Whatever you do for the protection, the measures have to be devised very skillfully to beat the cleverness of the crime planners.

Some simple but effective measures to safeguard your house:

  • The lock system of the house should be the primary concern if you really want to keep your house safe. Poor locking or de-functioning of locks can bring disasters. You know that your house is under protection but the master key of unlocking is in the hands of the thieves who can break anytime you are away.
  • Dont keep your garage open when you are away. Garages should also have proper locking system and should be kept free from dumps. Sometimes in your ignorance such areas become good hideouts for small thieves.
  • Spend well for the lighting system also as you have done for the interiors. Let the outside bulb glow at night even when you switch off the rest or going to spend the night elsewhere. Generally a trail of light makes it easier to track someone by the casting of the shadow.
  • If possible also arrange for a home guard. Specifically during the night hours if someone stays awake and steady, you can sleep well in peace. Hire protection from local police whenever you require.
  • You should be well aware of your locality and neighbors. Also make some good friends and join the community welfare system. This is helpful in two ways. You build a relationship and make your self known to others. So in any sort of trouble they are by your side. Dont forget to take down their contact numbers.
  • Use some tricky devices to outwit the criminals intelligence. This is very vital when you are not staying for a number of days in your home. Fix up timers for lighting system so that outsiders cannot presume your unavailability. Also inform your newspaper vendor not to drop newspapers for the period. So people wont be able to guess as there wont be any pile of newspapers lying outside.
  • Fix up an alarm system. This can also keep your neighbors alert of your status. This is helpful not only in driving out crime but also in seeking any type of emergency help.

Still feeling low about security? None of these tips depend on your muscle power. Do they?