Tips for a No-Hassle Moving

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Social Issues

Generally old folks do not want to leave their homes for as long as possible. After all it is the place where all their children and grand children reunite once or twice in a year. But time comes when these senior people, frail as they are can not manage on their own to run the households or become too lonely to live on in a big house. For these senior people moving into any kind of assisted living facility or continuing care community provide good solution. While most of them can understand the logic behind moving into retirement homes, many of them simply step back contemplating the many hazards involved in the moving. But an effective planning can make this event absolutely hassle free.

Decide First What to Take and What Not to Take:

Once you have taken the decision to move into an assisted home or senior community, start planning about downsizing your luggage. It is better to accept the fact that you can not take every thing with you there because of the space crunch; the apartment may not be as big as your present home. So decide only on the things that matters to your comfort. Remember, you have to make your new home comfortable, so you have to compromise on the list of the objects to prevent cluster.

Well, there are things which have great sentimental value for you. Why not distributing them among your near and dear ones? Giving them away in charity to any religious institution or non- profit organizations is also a great idea.

Now that you have decided on the items that you are taking with you, use an identification mark to demarcate them. Prepare yourself to part with the rest. The marking will help you to guide the packers in a more efficient way when the packing time comes. As it will save on the packers time, you will also be able to save on your money.


Take the help of professional packer and movers to pack your belongings. Not only it will save on your energy and wastage of time, your precious belongings will be covered by insurance so that in case of any damage during transportation, you get compensation. It is a good idea to take a few photographs of the belongings to keep record of their condition before packing.

Mark the items you are going to take to the retirement homes beforehand. This will help the packers to pack the right items.

Also instruct the packers to right down on the top of each box, the things the box contains and the room that the things taken from. It will help you to find out the things easily when you start unpacking in the new place.

Try to carry the smaller valuables with your.  If you can not carry them in your person, then put them in a safe deposit box during transportation.

Selecting a reputed Moving Company:

Be cautious while selecting a mover and packer. Invite two or three companies to make a bid. Before the agent comes for the assessment, mark your belongings with colorful stickers, so that they are easily recognizable and you can get consistent picture of the rates from all the companies. While you are making an agreement with the chosen company, be sure of the amount of insurance and the coverage provided by that amount.

Follow the above mentioned guidelines and you will experience a convenient and hassle free movement to a new place where a comfortable life suitable for your age awaits you.