How student stress can be relieved

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Health

Almost every student leads a life of stress. This is a result of peer pressure, parental pressure and an individuals own ambitions. All these combine to create a situation where a student may act irrationally at times. The irrational behavior is a result of stress. Some students are able to cope with the stress, and related disorders while other succumb to it.

Communication is a good way for resolving problems caused by stress. Effective communication between a parent and child can help in detection of signs of stress at an early stage thereby preventing any major harm from being done to the child.

There are several reasons that are responsible for stress. The most important is the pressure that is placed on a student during the school years. The pressure can be due to the high hopes a parent has in his child or targets that a student has in his mind for himself. Sometimes the drive for proving oneself is a major cause for stress induced behavioral disorders.

You should give your children enough space to grow on their own. Do not thrust your wishes on them if they are not interested in pursuing them. The very idea of being unable to do something they like can amount to chronic stress. This can have everlasting effects on their personality as well.

Stress as we know can be beneficial also. Some amount of stress

invigorates the mind and helps the child achieve better results. However, excess of positive stress can slowly become negative. Negative stress results in impulsive action and thoughts that often cause more harm than good.

Do not scold or punish your child for being unable to do well in all subjects. Assess his capability before fixing targets.  Spend time with him to find out why he is unable to obtain good grades. Take interest in his school work and help him to finish the home work occasionally. It will motivate your child to perform better. 

Children show stress in many forms. It is important to correctly understand these signs. For instance, there may be a change in a students eating habits or in his sleeping routine. There may also be fall in interest in activities happening around him. Emotional outbursts, dissatisfaction and a sheer feeling of helplessness are commonly seen.

Stress occurs when a child feels burdened with school work and projects   and is unable to find time for himself. Recreation is very important for the proper development of a child. It can act as a great stress buster. You should adjust your childs schedule in a manner that will give him time to relax and to be free.

Excess home work at school can lead to a development of gradual disinterest in the subject. That is why most children find the transition from junior school to high school as stressful.

Children of divorced parents or those who have lost either of their parents suffer from chronic psychological stress. It is necessary that special care is taken of these children. Any small mistake can plunge them further into their already deep problems. Most of these children suffer from behavioral disorders that require medical attention.

It is always good to teach your child some tips and tricks of effective stress management. It will enable him to cope with stress better.