Lifestyle, time management and stress

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Health

The increased pace of life has made us vulnerable to various health disorders such as hypertension, depression, insomnia, emotional distress, anger and frustration. This eventually leads to a mental breakdown or a burnout. To avoid this from happening, we need to change our lifestyle.

Rest is a must for rejuvenating our body. This rest is provided in the form of sleep. For an adult a sleep period of 6-8 hours is necessary for maintaining the mind and body balance. The tired muscles are given a much needed rest and all the toxins from the body are removed. The pulse rate and the breathing become slow and methodical. This removes the danger of disorders like sleep apnea or insomnia. You can also seek aromatherapy or acupressure to rejuvenate your body.

If you cannot sleep continuously for 6 to 8 hours then you should reschedule your sleep pattern. Sleep for a few hours in the afternoon and the rest in the night. Avoid taking alcohol or caffeinated drinks just before bedtime. These stimulate the mind, making deep sleep difficult. You might wake up feeling lethargic and low key.

Good organizational skills and effective time management skills can also help you fight stress. Do not get flustered or nervous if too many problems are at hand. Look at each problem separately and try to find out the best possible solution for each. Even if it is not the best possible solution it may still work. Sometimes an alternative approach can also help.

Make the best use of your organizational skills. Prioritize your appointments according to their importance. Have a separate list for your home and office. There is no point in merging your home and office tasks. It will only create confusion and add to your stress.

Do not take the responsibility for everything on your shoulders. Divide the work at office among colleagues and juniors. It is more efficient and simpler way of getting things done. It will also make everyone occupied and happy in your office. This, in turn, will improve your spirits.

You can adopt the same method of functioning at home also. Hand out tasks to each family member according to their age and competence. The activities should include day to day tasks such as washing the car, picking up the newspaper or arranging the breakfast table. You can further motivate your children for doing more tasks by paying them.

Use a daily planner to note your tasks. Use it to write down official appointments, calls, meetings and conferences. Tick off all the tasks that are completed. Leaving them unchecked can add to confusion.

Everybody needs a rest. Take some time out for your self. It can be a short vacation with family or friends or a day off in a week. Use the free time to pursue a hobby. Hobbies act as great stress busters. You can also go in for a fitness program to keep yourself in shape. A healthy body and mind can help you deal better with stress. Playing with pets can also be a great way to relieve stress.