Naturopathy and stress relief

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Health

Naturopathy and stress relief

Alternative therapy like Naturopathy, Aromatherapy, color therapy, Yoga, Acupressure etc. are gaining popularity as effective means to treat stress and related disorders. These therapies use natural ways to treat stress. There are no side effects, and their prolonged use can lead to complete mental, spiritual and emotional freedom from stress.

A person can feel more relaxed and self-assured after trying Naturopathy. However, to achieve maximum benefit, you should visit an experienced therapist.  It may be slightly expensive as compared to other stress treatment options, but it can bring in welcome relief.

It was in the late last century that Rennee Maurice Gattefosse found the basics of Aromatherapy. He extracted essential oils from the lavender flower and found that the oil can be used therapeutically. The oils had a calming effect on the nerves and instilled a feeling of deep relaxation.

Today a number of essential oils are being extracted from various flowers and leaves. Each of them has a specific property that gives it a unique healing effect. Most of these natural oils enhance the feel good factor.

Today Aromatherapy is used in concert with alternative traditional therapies like massage, Acupressure and Acupuncture. This provides a holistic treatment. The rich aromatic oil soothes the mind while a body massage or acupressure can help release the negative emotions and toxins. The therapy can also help cure digestive disorders, hypertension, depression and anxiety.

A popular aromatic therapy is the Bach flower therapy. This therapy was developed by Dr Edward Bach who believed that Bach flower has all the key ingredients that are required for mental, emotional and spiritual healing. The healing is done by focusing on the spiritual aspects of a person. Once a person is spiritually positive, signs like anxiety, depression, anger, hate and jealously disappear. The Bach flower therapy has over 38 remedies to help a person overcome stress. Each of these 38 therapies provides a unique healing experience.

The right color also can soothe the nerves. How often we describe a particular color as our favorite.  It has been established that our mind is closely linked with colors. Each color instigates a specific emotion within us. For instance, red usually stands for passion while white is for peace. Blue has been described by psychiatrists as a soothing color that brings tranquility to the mind. This is one of the major reasons why color is being used for therapeutic purposes today.

The intensity of the color also affects the mind. A room painted with a pastel shade of blue is relaxing whereas the same room painted with a dark variation of blue can be depressing.

Therapists use color as a therapeutic means to drain out all the negative energy from the body. They also help restore the mind and body balance critical for positive energy.

More and more people are turning to Naturopathy today. They find it easy to adopt. There is no fear of side effects, and no worries about aggravating existing ailments. All that is needed is a belief in the curing powers of Naturopathy.