Reducing stress by medication

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Health

Reducing stress by medication

The most common drugs that are used for treating stress are antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and anti-anxiety drugs. All these drugs stimulate the release of endorphins in our body that enhance the feel good factor. They make us feel more relaxed and in better control of our emotions. The mind becomes free of negative emotions as long as the effects of the drugs last. However, as the effect of the medicine fades, the signs and symptoms of stress return.

There is no one drug that is known to completely eradicate stress. This is because stress is relative in nature. The missing of a bus, being late for a meeting or unfinished assignments are common day to day occurrences that can be managed effectively without medicines. But at times they may trigger severe depression that can only be treated with drugs.

Medication helps those who are suffering from prolonged stress or chronic stress. They provide a much needed tranquility to the mind. Examples of chronic stress include the loss of a near and dear one, a traumatic accident, physical or mental torture or marital problems.

A common stress after effect is the tension type headache (TTH). This is due to lack of proper blood circulation in the facial areas and the scalp. It can be effectively controlled with the help of anti-depressant medicines.

As a rule all medication should be taken under medical supervision. Misuse of medicines can have irrepressible effects on your health. Since these are synthetic products that directly influence the functioning of the nervous system, a slight overdose can affect the functioning of the mind. There is a high risk of developing physical ailments like liver or kidney problems. Gastrointestinal disorders are also common.

The use of pills is most often accompanied with side effects. These side effects include drowsiness, restlessness and tiredness. Often the person is unable to do anything on his own. He needs the support of others to perform a task. This is usually termed as dependency.

Most people are now switching to medicines that are made using natural supplements. The biggest advantage of using these medicines is the low degree of side effects compared to artificially manufactured medicines. The duration for which they are effective is also longer. However, the efficiency of these medicines is not yet certain.

One should never attempt self-medication because some of the drugs can cause irreversible effects to your mind and body if taken randomly. Alcoholism and drug abuse are commonly noticed among those who take to self-medication. This is because they are unable to control or understand the behavior of drugs.

Drugs are not a cure for stress. Most psychiatrists and psychologists say that drugs should be given only in situations that have gone out of control. A better way to fight stress is to develop the art of stress management. It is a more effective and long lasting solution. Ideally, there should be a therapy that combines stress management and medication in the right proportion.