Relieving stress by energy balancing

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Health

According to pranic healing, our body is composed of a physical material body and an inner energy body. The energy body is also referred to as the bioplasmic body. It is this energy body that gives us prana (life) and keeps us alive. The energy body can be detected as an amorphous wave whose colors change according to the emotions that we experience. Our very thoughts and actions influence the energy body.

Our body is networked by energy channels. According to pranic healing experts there are 11 energy centers in our body. These energy centers are linked with sub centers that help in distributing prana or the energy for life to various parts of the body.

Stress is caused when there is an energy imbalance in the body. It can be caused due to the day to day pressures of living or on account of a traumatic incident. This can be diagnosed in the form of emotional distress, abdominal disorders, cardiac ailments or migraine. One can also experience depression, lack of self confidence and anxiety. The last stages result in a breakdown or a burn out.

Stress affects the solar plexus chakra that is located in between the ribs. This is a major energy center and negative vibrations from this chakra affect our abdominal, muscular, cardiac and respiratory functioning. The solar plexus chakra gets blocked due to negative emotions and feelings.

Pranic healing aims at cleaning the entire system and replenishing it with positive energy. One of the most used methods is the breathing technique. Breathing exercises help in exhaling toxins and stale carbon dioxide. It also increases the amount of oxygen that enters the body. Fresh oxygen cleanses the system and fills us with positive energy.

A simple breathing exercise is to stick your tongue upon the palette and then do only abdominal breathing. In this exercise, you should inhale for four counts and then exhale out in four counts.  You should not put pressure on your self but do the exercise in a relaxed manner. When you hold your breath after inhalation it is termed as full retention. The holding of breath after exhalation is called as empty retention.

All energy healing methods work on the same principle. These include Reiki, crystal healing and pyramid energy healing.

Pranic experts believe crystals play a major role in regulating energy and storing energy. They are responsible for rejecting bad vibrations that can cause harm to the body, and have been used as a tool for healing people the world over.

Science has proved that crystals are actually energy warehouses. They are able to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. Nowadays crystals are being used in variety of electrical and electronic instruments. TV, radios, radar systems and even computers use crystals for energy storage and distribution.

Initially, crystals made out of quartz were used for healing purposes. Today Kunzite is also used for healing. Crystals remove unhealthy vibrations from our body and replace them with positive vibrations. They are extensively used for treatment of depression.