Specific stress reduction methods

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Health

Stress is now being described as the 21st century syndrome. The high paced life and competition in every field are held responsible for stress. There is no cure for stress. However, there are numerous ways available for people to fight stress.

The best is to chalk out an action plan that is customized to your needs. This will help you in fighting stress at a daily level; it will also keep chronic stress at bay. You need to begin by identifying the stressor, which can be external or internal.

External stressors are often associated with the general surrounding and environment. For instance, rain and grey skies are described by many as mood dampeners. It makes people feel listless and lethargic. Similarly, the color of your room can influence your mind. The peeling wall paper, rusty cupboards with broken handles and a coffee vending machine that does not work can all be stressful. 

Internal stressors are more personalized and deal with emotional distress. Abuse, breakups, dissatisfaction and financial distress are a few internal stressors. Traumatic accidents or unanticipated downfall can amount to chronic stress.

You need to change your daily life to fight stress. This can be as simple as changing the route you take to your office or making new friends. It will help keep your mind away from stressors like congested roads or blaring horns. In case you are driving then the best option is to listen to a favorite melody. It helps you stay focused, and keeps stress away.

You should also set realistic targets, targets that you can achieve, and then work in a systematic manner to achieve them. Do not do too many things either at your workplace or your home. It will cause unnecessary confusion and add to stress.

To be organized is the best way to handle workplace stress. Hire an efficient secretary if you are currently posted as a top executive in your company. This way you will not have to worry about unsent mail or unchecked bills.

Women are more prone to stress since they have to handle their office work as well as manage their home. This can become trying since demands on both the sides need to be fulfilled. Being organized and at the same time being efficient is the key. Schedule and prioritize all the activities for the day according to their importance. Cross them out when they are finished.

Try to get help from your family members if you have a small child at home. A two to three year old child can be put into a play school or crèche.

Stress management always helps. If you are extremely prone to stress and its related problems then it is advisable to enroll in a stress management course. These courses are conducted on a regular basis by clinics. They teach you how to deal with stress on a psychological level. Often programs like yoga and acupressure are also beneficial.

In the end always try to keep time for your family. You should actively involve yourself in all their activities especially your children. They can act as a great buffering agent for all your troubles. Seek psychiatric help if you are unable to break free from stress.