WORK AT HOME---- A BIRDS EYE VIEW. (Hirers point of view)

By Martha Winslet Published 08/13/2006 | Home Based Business

Global liberalization has demolished the geographical boundaries between the countries. Today, because of explosion of information technology and blessings of internet, anyone from anywhere can have access to anything in any corner of the globe. Among many benefits of the globalization, work at home is the most prominent one. However like all other aspects, it has also both merits and demerits. So far an employer is concerned; benefit side appears to be heavier.  Salient features as to why a hirer should go for hiring a home worker are jotted below:-


1.         Cost curtailment is the main concern today for any organization. Payment made to a home worker is no doubt is far less than that spent for a regular employee.

2.         No outgoing of funds either in the form of regular salary, provident fund or any other statutory liability, takes place which in turn boost up the bottom line of an organization.

3.         Agitation or unrest among regular employees for certain issues giving rise to industrial disputes is completely ruled out for work at home professionals.

4.         No continuous follow up or regular chasing for better output by supervising staff is required; this in turn reduces number of supervisors and results in reduction of overhead expenses which ultimately increases hirers Profit.

5.         Output is comparatively more in case of home workers than regular ones.

6.         No need to possess huge office premises which leads to reduction of fixed overhead expenses by way of premises rent, electricity, telephone, etc.

7.         Since the home professionals are scattered and thereby not united, do not have any bargaining power to pursue any enhanced demand of whatsoever.

8.         No compensation is required to be made for any sort of unforeseen incidents of death or disability of home workers.

9.         Due to the internet facility, institutions enjoy the right to get their works done by  the home workers situated in  any corner of the world depending upon the amount of money they are required to shade with, which again is regulated by availability of work force in that region or place.



1.         Because of the very nature of the scheme, no worker can be accountable for any type of misconduct or any sort of such nature.

2.         Social obligation of an organization to the nation is primarily defeated to a great extent.

3.         The hiring organization never enjoys and cannot expect also any loyalty from the Home workers which otherwise   generally exists in case of regular employees.