Deathmatch: American vs. Romanian Woman

By Ovi Dogar Published 08/14/2006 | Dating
Why is it that a lot of American guys are traveling to meet brides in Europe?
Are Romanian women good choices for American guys?

These are some questions frequently asked on forums. Just take a look at the answers; it depends on who is giving it. There are some quite rude ones give by frustrated American women. I really understand them, it is not easy to accept the thing that you are there, next to so many men, you are available, single and they choose to fly miles away to meet another woman to be their life PARTENER.

What is wrong with these guys?

I asked myself the same question, and I start to ask the question to some of my American friends.

One of them, which two years ago divorced from his American ex wife confessed that  he has a great career, hobbies, friends but his ex wife keep asking him for more and more. He never did enough, he never earned enough and the relationship between them got colder from the first year of marriage.

But one year ago, he had the chance to meet online a great Romanian woman and his life has changed, he lives a peaceful, happy life. Also he has changed as a person, he is more confident, he feels loved and appreciated.

�"Honestly I wish I could have found an American wife with all the qualities of my Romanian wife. I could not, because they do not exist. Here is a partial list of her loveliness: sensible and good with money, genuine commitment, very family oriented, she enjoys housework, hard working, and she does not have to diet to look great.
Romanian women are comfortable in their femininity. As a male I am attracted to this. And I love her with all my heart"� are his exact words.

So the engine behind the huge number of US guys searching LOVE and APRECIATION at European women appears to be the feeling American women have that they deserve better. They deserve more, they cannot accept mediocrity, they have to get what they want, they cannot lose, they, they. That is egoism in its purest form.

To have a family and provide security, it is essential for both partners to be committed and hard-working. Most American males have a very strong work-ethic; many are workaholics for the benefit of their families, which Romanian women find very appealing.

Other thing Romanian women found attractive about the Americans is they know how to show respect for women - they show fine behavior and don�t expect women to be less smart and prepared to be a slave for them.

So, are Romanian women and American men a perfect match? A lot of Romanian women dating their American counterparts seem to think so. The divorce rate for American and Romanian marriages is only 4%! Go figure!

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