How to arrange furniture

By Charles Hopkins Published 03/13/2006 | Home Improvement

Sometimes it is a frustrating chore to re-arrange your furniture in any given room in your home.  There is usually some kind of challenge in every room across the world.  You just cannot squeeze all the items that you want into a room that you want.  It always seems that there is a door in the wrong place or a corner too small.  Do not give up.  There is always a way around these consequences. 

The first thing that you need to do is to take measurements.  You need to determine the size a room that you are working with and go from there.  Use a measuring tape to get the dimensions of a room. Make sure that you consider the dimensions of the hallways, stairs, and the sizes of the doors that lead into the room.  You do not want to buy a piece of furniture and then get it home to find out that it does not fit through the door.

Make sure that you keep the furniture theme close to the same in your room.  Make sure that all of your furniture pieces compliment your room and do not take over.  Choose pieces that are not too big or too small for your area.  Your pieces of furniture should be the right size and style for you and for the room. 

Think about the types of furniture that you are going to be using in the room.  You should think about where certain things in the room are located and how to arrange your furniture around them.  Things that you should consider are heat registers, cold air returns, doors, and windows.  You do not want to block your heat or put a large piece of furniture in front of a window so that it makes it difficult to see out.

If you want a room that has an area so that you can converse with friends and family, then you want to arrange your furniture so that they are facing each other.  You also want to make sure that the seating is not too far apart from one another.  Keep the furniture close so that you can communicate easier and so that you do not have to yell across the room.

If you are trying to create a room for entertaining, then you should make sure that there is plenty of room for everyone to walk and move around in. You do not want people bumping into each other or into the furniture.  You want your furniture arranged so that people can walk freely around the room.

When you are trying to create an area where you can watch TV together as a family, you have to make sure that the furniture is in good view of the TV.  Make sure that you can see the TV comfortably without having to move around in order to see the TV clearly.

No matter what way you decide to rearrange your furniture, make sure that it in a comfortable position for you and in a way that will make the room look bigger and more inviting for you and your guests