How to throw a cocktail party in style

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/7/2006 | Social Issues

Cocktail parties have always been a huge hit in the party circuit. It always has had a sense of sophistication. They dont run very long and everyone seems to enjoy them. The greatest thing about a cocktail party is that in the same party you can have as much fun with your neighbors as you can with your business associates. Following is a very basic guide that gives you some suggestions as to how to host a cocktail party at your place. 

Send out the invitations 

If your cocktail party is going to be one of those large, formal events then you will have to mail written invitations. But if it is one of the smaller affairs, then just calling up your guests on the phone or writing them e-mails will do. Include all the necessary information in your invitation including the date and time for the party. Also mention that it would be a cocktail party so that the guests will know what to expect. Generally cocktail parties start early in the evening sometime around six and is over by eight. 


You dont need to have elaborate arrangements for the food as the main attraction for  the party is not the food but the drinks. However if your party is large you can enlist the help of a caterer. For food little snacks and finger foods are all that you need. 

To invest on a bartender makes more sense. He would have a wide range of cocktail preparations up his sleeve. He would also add the zing to the bar. 



As far as drinks is concerned it is better to offer your guests more of a choice. There should be plenty of beer and wine. But more importantly you should arrange for several kinds of cocktails. Also have some non alcoholic alternatives for those guests who dont drink. And have plenty of ice in store. 

If you have a bartender hell obviously make you a few cocktail preparations. But you should still encourage your guests to make their own special cocktails for the rest of the gang. This will not only be fun but can also make the entire party more interactive as the guests share their cocktail secrets. 

Setting up the room 

Set up the room in such a way that there is plenty of space to walk around and to stretch your legs as you sit down. Always have a separate bar for your guests to get their drinks from. Have neat garbage cans placed strategically so that they are easily accessible to your guests. 

You can decorate your rooms with very simple candles and floral arrangements. If you are having a very informal sort of gathering then dont go too complex with the decoration. Just make your guests feel at home. 

Have some soft music on the background just to set the mood of the party right. See to it that it isnt too loud or intrudes into your guests conversations.

Party games 

You can arrange for some basic party games just to break the ice and have everyone around feel comfortable and at ease. Since the party doesnt last long remember not to use up the entire time on games.