How to Use the Power of the Web to Its Full Potential to Emerge As a Successful Affiliate

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/30/2006 | Affiliate Programs

Are you going to try your hands at affiliate marketing? Then you must be aware of this fact that you have just 7 seconds in your hand to attract a visitor and retain his attention to continue with his exploration of the rest of your website. So the trade secret of a successful affiliate is the ability to hold the attention of a visitor for quite awhile and make him go through those parts of the pages that matter, namely the ad texts or banners or the product images that you are promoting in your affiliate website.

But what happens when a surfer visits your site for the first time and kept on waiting for more than that magical 7 seconds for the page to load? Well, the visitor will be tempted to close the browser right away. Or what happens when a visitor has real trouble in finding exactly what he is looking for on your website? This poorly navigational site will convince him to look for the information elsewhere and you lose a probable customer. Then there are those fancy layouts or designer color schemes that make the pages look too adventurous and the visitors skeptic about the contents of the site, eventually leading them to close the browser.

If your website features any of these above mentioned difficulties, you are sure to fail generating traffic or meeting the minimum conversion rate ultimately forcing to close down your affiliate business. This is why you have to learn about several web-usabilities, that is how to use the internet properly for your benefit.

You have to incorporate several internet- savvy features in your website if you want to make your affiliate site acceptable among a wider audience. It implies, the website should be extremely user-friendly. Take the help of different affiliate tools to learn about navigation path data, exit patterns and error stats which will let you assume the visitors possible reactions. In order to make the site more user- friendly, consider making use of faint marketing pitch to explain what your affiliate site is focused on and the reasons why visitors should enter into a long-term relationship with you.

Remember, a conventional design appears to be more professional in the eyes of the visitors and it makes the site easier to navigate. Thus it becomes easier for the customers to place their hand on the product they are looking for.

How do you guide your customers to the site of the merchant? See to it that the visitor can easily find out the sections dedicated to separate functions of navigation, content, advertising and search. Also make sure your affiliate site remains free of errors, broken links and missing content and it is compatible with all browsers.

So take care of the above mentioned areas of web applications and emerge as a winner in the field of affiliate marketing.