Oily hair! Problems galore? Tips to combat

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/31/2006 | Beauty

The other day Celina came to my place. I really could not believe what she has done to her lovely long hair! Sticky, oily hair with a dull appearance spread on her back as a thin ponytail which made her beautiful face very unattractive.

Celina seemed to be pretty frustrated with this hair problem. When I started questioning her why she was so casual about hair care, she turned furious and finally begged before me to keep quiet. She only said the less you ask me about it, the happier I am.

Why was she doing so? Actually, later I understood she has undergone a series of hair treatment to combat with the oily hair problem but alas all went blank either with no results or with further worsening of the condition. She was completely disappointed with the solutions.

Celina did you try out all these? If not, seriously try them out and I can bet on it that you will be benefited. Its true you still have doubts but take them as another remedial recourse that may at the most again turn out to be unfruitful. And you are used to such consequence! Nothing new!

  • Whichever remedial treatment for oily hair you might have applied; did anyone propose you not to wash your hair regularly? No. The first mistake! You know cleaning hair is necessary but daily wash must be avoided. Damp hair has a better tendency to gather dust and dirt in it which deposit on the scalp. This creates stickiness from the roots and damages the silken shine of the hair stands. The hair also smells fowl.
  • Washing your hair must be carried out with shampoo containing proper pH level and use of conditioner must be in control. Dont ever make this mistake of putting the conditioner right from the roots because they stick over there. Its always preferable not to use conditioner after every wash of hair and also must be used in the body of the hair and at their external tips. You may scrub your hair but with mildness. Dont exert unnecessary pressure that can again be unprotective for the hair roots.
  • Excessive sweating is another big cause to make your hair oily and stinky. To control sweat and also to prevent your hair from oiliness, there are some external means to be followed. Always carry an umbrella when you move out in the sun. Tie up your hair if its long. And above all eat lowfat and oily foods. Increase the amount of nutritious items like vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. That keeps you healthy and your hair strong and shiny without that ugly oily look.
  • Choose the shampoos not by the advertisements but by the functions. Even if top models show how effective the products are to make your hair silky and shiny, dont go by the illusion. They are not going to come to your hair solution, when you face the real problem. Its better to go for a hair specialists opinion before you select a regular shampoo. Shampoos with conditioner combination may come with tall claims in the television commercials. Dont ever fall in the trap! Actually such shampoos act as major cause for oily hair.

Celina had listened to my instructions very carefully. How much she was convinced is a different question. But it was true that whatever she had followed to combat with the problem of oily hair, none of them were among these.

She didnt mind to experiment with these too. There was a hope in her eyes. I could feel the reflection. Would you even like to try these out?