An Introduction to the Infrared Sauna

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/31/2006 | Beauty

If you have joined the elite club of individuals who have purchased a sauna for their home, you are probably the envy of your neighborhood. Unless everyone in your neighborhood owns a sauna, that is. In that situation, they may be wondering what took you so long. Then, when they notice that you have purchased an infrared sauna. Then everything becomes clear to them. You waited so long because you were adamant about purchasing an infrared sauna and waited until you could get the perfect deal.

Saunas have tremendous benefits for the human body and an infrared saunas ability to concentrate its heat more precisely greatly enhances the sauna experience. The infrared sauna concentrated heat will relieve stress, shed excess water weight, aid in eliminating aches and pains and provide all around excellent treatment to the multitude of bothersome ailments people suffer from.

Why would anyone want to have to deal with all kinds of aches when a sauna can greatly eliminate them? And, more importantly, why would anyone waste all that money joining a health club that requires sign up and membership fees, monthly fees, locked in yearly contracts, etc. when one could simply purchase their own sauna and end up saving a great deal of extra cash?

Plus, those health clubs dont offer infrared saunas. They offer the traditional saunas that heat the air in the sauna. An infrared sauna heats the occupant as opposed to heating up the air in the little box. In that regard, an infrared sauna is far, far superior because is gets right to the root of the matter and heats the occupant directly. As such, the experience in the infrared sauna is far more enjoyable and fruitful.

While there will be those cynics who will probably deride the infrared sauna and say it is just a gimmick as opposed to something different from the standard, traditional and seemingly outmoded sauna, these people quite frankly have no idea what they are talking about. Ignore them. However, if one is asking that same question in a sincere manner looking for a legitimate and honest answer, the answer is that infrared sensors use infrared rays as opposed to steam and that is a significantly more effective and practical method of reproducing the sauna experience.

Some individuals will confuse infrared rays with ultraviolet ways. Ultraviolet rays, those rays that are used in tanning beds, have the potential to be very harmful. Using ultraviolet rays to heat a sauna would be insane and ridiculous. Infrared rays, however, are safe and harmless. They do not cause the dangers that ultraviolet rays cause. While the confusion is understandable, the confusion between infrared rays and ultraviolet rays should be clarified and the confusion eliminated.

So, rest easy and purchase that infrared sauna. It is a wonderful addition to ones home and can provide hours of enjoyment and specific health benefits that make the infrared sauna a convenient way of eliminating aches and pains without drugs and in ones own home.