Planning a birthday bash? Tips to make it a success!

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/7/2006 | Social Issues

For any person, young or old, his birthday always carries some special associations. Kids love to enjoy their birthdays and expect some sort of a party to celebrate the day. Older people tend to believe that their days of having a party are over and so if you organize a party for them it brings out the real child in them. Fact is, no one hates to be the guest of honor, especially not on his special day. 

But to have a successful party you need to plan ahead. If you have put in some thought to the party things will run smoother, the guests would enjoy more and you wont have to worry and be on the edge until it gets over perfectly. Planning also keeps a lid on your spending and helps you to stick to your budget. 

When you are planning for a birthday bash it helps if you keep the following things in mind: 


You can either make your own invitations or you can get the readymade ones. The invites that youll send to the guests should be true to the theme of the party. If you are planning for your kids birthday party on the theme of say, his favorite cartoon character, then it the invites should be in line with the theme. It also works very well if you can add personal touches to the invitation, like the photo of the person whose birthday is being celebrated. Your invitation must carry the information if you plan for a special theme where the guests need to dress up in a particular way or they would need costumes.

Make sure that the invitation carries the exact time when you would be expecting your guests. The time gives your guests an indication as to what to expect in the party, whether meal would be served or not. But its better if you make that clear in the invitation itself. You can tell your guests whether it would be just some snacks and drinks or should they expect a full course dinner.  


When you are planning a birthday for your kid make sure all his best buddies are there. And if you are planning for someone who has already passed his young days inviting his old school friends and co-workers can really surprise him and make this special day even more special. 


There are literally thousands of themes you can have for your party. Loads of materials are available on the internet relating to party themes. Do some research and decide on one, which would suit the tastes of your guests and your family, and most importantly the person whose birthday it is. But before you finalize on a single theme make sure you have enough resources and the budget to carry it off well. 


Again the choices you have are innumerable. The things you have to keep in mind is look at the overall menu and see that the food items dont clash against each other. Also keep in mind the weather and the time of the party before you settle on a particular menu. 


Keep a camera near your hand so that you can capture those candid shots youll treasure for all the days to come. It always makes sense if you assign one person to click the snaps and it helps if he is a decent photographer.