Carpet steam cleaners: Know the facts

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/31/2006 | Home Improvement

Elisa was finding it pretty difficult to keep her carpets clean. Her kids and her two pet dogs were enough to dirty the carpets with no loss of time once she was over with her vacuuming session. She was looking for some better equipment for the maintenance of her carpets.

Elisa for you and all other ladies who find it really troublesome to maintain their carpets, heres good news. Why dont you buy a personal carpet steam cleaner? Instead of dropping to a dry cleaning house every time, this is a better and convenient way, which you can regulate and control on your own.

Before you plan out for buying a carpet steam cleaner take a ready-made look of the popular steam cleaners available in the market.

Elisa made a shortlist of five carpet steam cleaners and she is checking out the pros and cons before giving the final green signal of purchase of one of them to her husband.

Bissell Power Steamer Proheat plus Carpet Cleaner, Elisa found the features quite efficient for deep cleaning of the carpets. The power brush and the wide nozzle that function as basic cleaning tools can pierce deep between the fibers to pull out the dirt embedded on the carpet ground.

The cleaning procedure is done followed by the adjustments that can be made automatically as per the height of the carpet. The solution meant for cleaning is to be kept under warm temperature to allow the quick steam formation. The heater attached to the cleaner does this. Elisa found the steamer quite effective but still wanted to see some other instruments.

She came to know about the Eureka Atlantis Deluxe Steam Cleaner. She was happy to find out in the features the easy way of carrying and handling this steam cleaner. The handle system can be folded and is made in the form of loops for better grip. You can keep it in any corner of your house, no problem at all. Moreover not only for carpets, this was effective for cleaning staircases, corridors and bare floors.

But the Hoover SteamVac plus Steam Cleaner was a better choice for Elisa. Apart from the features what attracted her the most is the cheaper price. This powerful cleaner comes with five cleaning brush, automatic tools and attachments with a separate part for bare floor cleaning.

Another not so costly steam cleaner that Elisa checked out for was Dirt Devil Easy Steamer Carpet Extractor. The best part of this steamer is that it is very light weight and can be moved anywhere in any direction you like. This is extremely good for small-sized carpets and does not run on motorized tools or brushes. For complete carpet cleaning of a small house or an apartment, this one is superb as it has a storage capacity of cleaning solution upto one gallon.

Finally Elisa stopped her steamer hunt when she paused at the glance of the Bissell Little Green Steam Machine Steam Cleaner. First of all the size of this steamer is very attractive. Very cutely shaped, this steamer has the majority of the facilities any large sized steam cleaner has. The built-in spraying system with attached brush operates with high pressure that allows the easy extraction of the dirt particles and easy wiping out of stains too.

Now Elisa has a wide knowledge of carpet steam cleaners. She will buy the one she has selected considering every aspect the very next week. Why dont you too?