Coir carpets: Carpets go eco-friendly

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/31/2006 | Home Improvement

Mrs. Thomson wants natural flooring. Tough, heavy wearing capacity and of course within her reach! She had two options of carpeting. Coir carpets or Sisal carpets! She went for Coir. Why? And if you are also on the same hunt, check out the reasons so that you can step into a quick solution and definitely better choice.

What is Coir? You know this. The husks of coconuts are referred as Coir. They are coarse material with a great strength and capacity to resist wear and tear. This Coir is further processed and converted into designed carpets.

Now it is not that you remove the husks from the coconuts and use them in making carpets. Absolutely not! The best growth of coconuts is in the tropical hot climate. The husks from coconuts once removed and processed for making Coir are kept in freshwater pools specially meant for it for one year at least. Once this process is over, the fibers are pulled out. Then definitely things cannot progress with wet fibers. Therefore they are dried. The Coir threads are finally formed through spinning.

For natural floor covering in one of the cheapest ways, Coir flooring is always recommended. You can easily get Coir carpets at 12 pounds per meter which will be more than double for Sisal carpets and even more in case of traditional carpeting. If your purpose is more akin to floor protection with simple looks, dont turn your eyes to anything else. Sophistication may be a bit less but utility will be most.

The carpets from Coir are most common in natural color and natural texture. Even in bleached forms, you can get these carpets and to bring softness, sometimes the important stepping areas are covered with smooth rugs above it. Though dyes are seldom applied on it, the natural colored Coir carpets are made in common use.

Coir is an eco-friendly fiber. The nature caresses your steps when you walk on it. It is also good for relaxation of the nerves beneath your feet. A natural source of acupuncture! Being the coarsest among all natural fibers, even your kids and pets cannot cause damage to it. You need not every time go panicked with the cleaning fundamentals of carpets as you had to do when silk or cotton rugs were floored in your house.

Whatever way you like, you can select Coir rugs and wrap your home. Still there is a part of your house where Coir wont be really suitable. The bedroom floor especially where the traffic concentration is low can be altered by jute carpets or so on. Or else Coir fits best as area rugs, for the floor of drawing room, passing hallways, staircases, outside verandas, entrance floor, etc.

Not only eco-friendly and economical, Coir can easily be cleaned. Keeping clean and cleaning are two different works. Coir goes well with both. On one hand it does not easily get dirtied and on the other if it ever gets dirty and requires a cleaning, vacuuming process can be applied on it. Coir carpets with latex protection on the backside are safe and durable. And the probability of dirt and dust accumulation is less. Cleaning with the vacuum cleaners or suction cleaners is enough. Avoid synthetic products for cleaning like carpet cleaning shampoos etc.

Finally what made Mrs. Thomson rely cent per cent on the material is that it is an anti-allergen, thus sensitive people to allergies can easily walk, sit and do anything on Coir carpets. Both health and decoration can be well contoured with Coir.

So what have you decided for you home? The right thing at low rate, with luster and long life in an eco-friendly way! What else?