Color counts: Choosing the right color

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/31/2006 | Home Improvement

Whats the center of attraction when you move out to buy a carpet? The texture, the fineness, the design, the making or the color: what matters first? Researches have shown that the first instinct of selection is often the color combination that draws the attraction. Ninety out of hundred will go by it. Rest may ask for the carpet specifications.

Color psychology! Have you heard of it? Different colors bring out different emotional reactions. This is equally valid for carpet designing and marketing. What color brings out the ripples of sensation matters the most? Whether you know about color psychology or not dont matter but you cannot ignore the fact that the determinant factor that will attract your customer towards a carpet is color.

Color pulls you instantly. Certainly there is a logical basis of treating a color at the psychological level. For instance yellow is taken as a positive color. Whats so positive in it? Here is the associative formulation that has been traced as an adjustment between the psychology and the color sensitivity. What applies in case of yellow is that it is a bright color and the color of the sun. So as a recipient of the color you feel that brightness, thus building up a positive attitude within you.

This particular color, yellow again plays a different implication in the business sphere. First and foremost is the appealing quality and strikes the intellectuals instantly. But there also lies a flip side because more yellow can create dilution and break the harmony. Therefore corporate sectors dont go for this color in using carpets. For a corner of your home, this can be stunning.

Grey is sophisticated and considered to be more corporate in nature. It is associated with an authoritative quality and practical in nature. Therefore business houses often use this color for their carpeting purpose and also to create a balance of contrasts.

Green is relaxing and soothes your nerves. It is more close to the nature. Refreshing and healthy are the two anecdotes associated with this color. There is also a difference between the toning of greens. If deep, the business is propelling to fast rise. And if it is light or the pale tinge of green, the business house makes use of this colored carpet to provide a cool stimulant to your nerves. You often feel like you are working on a relaxed ground even if your head is burdened with endless stress and tensions.

Blue always implies authority. Blue blood for instance stands for the royal status. Similarly blue carpets are popular worldwide and placed in most dignified and sophisticated locations. It can be also red because red is strong and dominating in nature. Red carpet welcome is a bureaucratic notion and followed when dignitaries arrive at a place. Today red carpets are used in all formal occasions.

Some other good choices are brown and pink. Though brown has a very earthly status and easily matches to the wooden or cement floors unlike pink, which is mush more region specific. Pink is quite a feminine color known for softness and innocence. For domestic carpets women always love to go for it but in the business world, this is generally avoided. The reason may not be simply the psychological association but the maintenance side that pink gets dirty easily.

Its really wonderful to understand the language of colors. And selecting a carpet as per the utility becomes easier if you are aware of the psychological part of colors. Not just mere appeal but the reason behind it!