Discount carpets: Few cautions before you buy

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/31/2006 | Home Improvement

If it really pleases your mind, dont say no because there is no one under the sun who would not love to make profit. And if you are getting the best quality thing at the minimum of cost, the intensity of your pleasure and satisfaction just doubles. Doesnt it?

Nothing to feel shy about! This is truth and universal for all. Now when you are looking for carpets for your new house wouldnt it be an additional reward if things are available to you at a discount rate? Simply fantastic! Carpeting indeed matters for a heavy budget. And you just cant do away with anything because its your dwelling place, the haven for peace and pride.

But before you set out to get ahold of carpets at a discount rate, you must be cautious about certain factors. A general pitfall of discount products is that most degraded stuff are given at this low cost. Common trend of allowing discounts is during the stock clearance periods when old rugs are let out for the fresh to be stored in.

Anyway this may not be the consequence always. You might be able to get hold of something really good, durable and affordable even if a percentage has been deducted from its retail price. Discount carpets and rugs are in vogue round the year. At a discount rate you can really choose an entire range of modern carpeting items from to the best of their use.

The thumb rule that should be followed while buying discount carpets and rugs though sound simple is not that easy, when you are really out in the market in the wild hunt to get the best out of the cheapest input.

  • The first rule is that always get hold of the name of the brand and the name of the manufacturer. This is a must because if there is any defect you can instantly place the issue in front of the right person.
  • Checkout your entire preliminary queries from the salesman you are buying the rug at the discount rate. And also assure the same that if things do well, you will come back again in the years to come. Let it be a matter of good will and no damage should be prevalent between the seller and the buyer.
  • There is always a warranty period of the carpets and the rugs. Sometimes this warranty remains valid even in the discount sale period. You will be among the luckiest to enjoy the discount price with the bonus of warranty, if it is still valid. Three cheers if you are one of those lucky buyers!
  • Always look for the original tags or guarantee marks. For carpets it will be a CRI or CCI label. If you find those labels intact you can firmly assure yourself regarding the quality of the product. It might be an old one that also from a year or so ago but the original making is genuine without ant sort of defect.
  • Also find out if there is any return facility provided by the retailer apart from the manufacturers warranty. This makes your purchase more authentic because if you find any problem with the material you can immediately inform the store keeper where you have bought it from.
  • Finally check out the color quality, the durability status and the matching profile if you are buying the carpets in cut pieces. While fixing them, it often happens that there is a mismatch of color and texture. You can easily avoid this with a bit of cautiousness taken prior to your final deal.

Follow them word-by-word and you will indeed enjoy the profit of your discount carpeting!