Know your carpets from your rugs

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/31/2006 | Home Improvement

For most exotic looks or even more whats the simplest way to garnish your home? The lush of soft carpets with extravagant aesthetical appeal or the tight simplicity of floor rugs with the best comfort and splendid styles!

Now close to carpets are rugs and are often placed as synonyms. Apparently they share no difference at all. Both are used as floor covers. But still a small difference always remains.

The first and foremost difference is related with size. Carpets are generally bigger than the rugs. And the center carpets for the household purpose are often called by the name of Area Rugs. Rugs standard space will cover an area of length of 2 meters at the most. But carpet begins its size with this length. The normal size for carpets is more than 6.5 feet.

If you are over with size, just have a look on the services both carpets and rugs provide us. Both held their heads high, well just kidding, both can be justifiably regarded as furnishing depots with a luxurious feel. But they do differ in purposes on the serving grounds as well, even if both are duly meant for floor coverings. 

Rugs have a variety of utilities apart from covering the floors. As centerpiece floor covers, rugs are widely used but major attractions are stored in the finest designs of wall hangings or wall pieces. They are small in size and elegant in style. Even as table mats, rugs have a distinct ornamental attribute. Your way of serving etiquettes get a splendor with this classiness.

Moreover rugs are made for foot wipers and can be placed below the sofa or the beds. Get the tender touch of the soft fibers before you plunge into the bed for a good night sleep. Rugs are in different designs as per the criteria of the space they are to be put in.

Different thematic styles are created for your kids room, also for the prayer hall. Similarly, your dressing table can have placed on it an ornamental rug as a smooth and pretty lounge.

Carpets, as per the dimension, have a bigger space to be spread on. You can wrap the entire house with wall-to-wall carpeting. You can go for handloom carpets in fine jute for shaping your floors. Though wall carpets are available but more brought into use are wall rugs.

Carpets are generally hand woven, machine made, tufted ones made of cotton, nylon, wool and silk. Even the rugs can be woven of similar materials. The rugs that are patterned and designed by tying hand knots can give both the traditional heritage of carpet weaving and the contemporary trend of latest designs.

But for the carpets, the hand knotted ones are often the rich ornamentation of aesthetic designs that take us to the bygone eras. And in the contrast the modern machine made refinement in the weaving style are simple, modest and more with a soothing effect blended with modern art. Mostly in modern single colors, these carpets cover a widespread area at your home or in your office.

In the color contrast, the color psychology and color treatment is often taken into account before setting the designs. Because the treatment of a color must fit to the environment the carpet or the rug will be placed. And a perfect match can only happen if every aspect of the room decor is given a balanced profile.

The ultimate choice is yours! Anything you go for, a rug or a carpet make sure where you are going to put them at. Things become easier and give the best to your furnishings.