Maintenance of commercial carpets

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/31/2006 | Home Improvement

Well is there any difference between commercial carpets and the domestic carpets? Apparently it might seem that the word carpet means carpeting be it for commercial use or for the domestic purpose. But still a distinction remains between the two.

The factors that determine the difference are not the core features of carpet fiber or carpet weaving. They are more related with the volume of carpet use and area over which the carpets are spread out. Colors, texture and raw material might hold slight difference between the domestic and the commercial carpets.

This gives a clear indication that commercial carpets are intensively used and holds tons of weight daily moving on them. And they come in huge sizes to cover office floors, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and so on. If the using intensity is so high, definitely those simple ways of cleaning domestic carpets wont be applicable over here.

Nothing Hi-Fi but definitely the management of a company has to hire special personnel for the carpet maintenance purpose along with other general security and maintenance. A specific budget has to be fixed at the annual level for this purpose before you start for the installing of carpets in your office.

Divide the task among the sweeping staff and then keep a supervisor so that he or she can take care of the thing with full responsibility. Now what should be the procedure of the maintenance of the commercial carpet?

Follow this basic guideline:

v      When the carpet is for commercial use then there is no doubt that everyone will walk in from outside in his or her shoes and boots. Naturally soils and garbage particles that stick beneath your shoes pass on to the rugs and carpets. The first thing you can do is keeping a wiping mat at the entrance so that the probability of heavy accumulation of soils can be slightly reduced.

v      Its better to go for dark color shades while buying commercial carpets. This helps in hiding the unwanted stains and spots from the eyes of the visitors.

v      The cleaning part needs vacuuming on a regular basis. Here you must follow the golden rule. The sweepers must be appointed to initially detect the regions where dirt can jam the basic structure of the fibers. So the primary task of the carpet cleaners is to locate the regions of intense traffic, moderate traffic and low traffic. Accordingly the vacuuming schedule must be fixed. The low traffic zones can be cleared with once a week vacuuming but for the intense traffic area daily vacuuming is mandatory.

v      Vacuuming is the most economical way of carpet maintenance. And most of the dry soils can be erased through this technique. What type of vacuuming instruments is to be used for the commercial carpets? You should also know about it.

v      Vacuuming instruments can be the wide track machines or vacuum cleaners for heavy duty or the larger form of domestic upright vacuum cleaners for industrial purpose. Both these equipments have a powerful suction tool with high capacity filtration bags. Therefore they have better efficiency to pull out the soils deeply embedded in the roots of the carpet fibers.

v      Apart from vacuuming, extracting methods of carpet cleaning should be followed from time to time. This includes dry extraction, steam cleaning, dry foam extraction and cleaning through rotary shampooers, which are actually conducted by the professional cleaners.