Problems in using polyester carpets

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/31/2006 | Home Improvement

Mrs. Russell, what a lovely carpet you have bought! It has really added a royal look to your new house. Must be costly? Whats the material? But Mrs. Russell remained numb and gave a deep sigh to my words of praise. What made her do so was a big question in front of me. But slowly she disclosed the truth. Lets hear the rest from her.

You know, even I went for this carpet right at the first sight as if I had fallen in love with it. And that has exactly resulted otherwise. This is a polyester carpet with a highly soft texture and a silken smoothness with a perfect shine in the first appearance. Enough to draw your attention! And the profile creates more magic when you come to know that it is so cheap.

Though you will smell something fishy and undergo a tussle between your head and your heart but your heart will overrule the logic of your grey matter. And you will convince yourself that there are so many things on the earth we spend money for unnecessarily. If buying a polyester carpet proves wrong and finally ends up useless, no matter, just another addition to that list of unnecessary expenses.

This exactly has happened in my case. What you are calling lovely has already started shedding from one corner and it will take no time to cause damage to the rest of the fibers. Polyester is basically a weak fiber and has a very low resistant wearing capacity. The first feel wont last for long.

If you are to select between polyester and nylon, always go for the latter. For your carpet to give a longer life, you can close your eyes and trust in the quality and resistant power of nylon. Polyester carpets are more for fancy and if you intend to use it only on special occasions, then its all right. Otherwise for feeding loads of traffic, polyester is not at all potent.

What makes polyester so beautiful and appealing are the color and the luster. But believe me they are all in camouflaged states. Neither will the color nor the luster stay as it is for a long period. The shine in the color start fading out and takes on a mat look after a few days of use. Automatically if the color is lost, the luster gets dull.

You might argue that through proper maintenance and cleaning, even polyester can be kept in a good condition if other synthetic fibers like nylon can be kept. Again you will prove yourself to be wrong. The worst and the saddest part of the tale is cleaning polyester fiber is very difficult. Normal vacuuming method for cleaning carpets is not suitable for polyester carpets. Moreover removal of stains from polyester carpet is next to impossible.

Is there no good quality in a polyester carpet? There is! Polyester carpet is actually processed from plastic bottles that are recycled and commonly known as P.E.T. carpets. So as far as environment is concerned, polyester causes no harm to it. Rather it is benevolent and prevents the environment from getting polluted by plastic.

There is a flip side of this good aspect as well. The production of polyester carpet is done at a very cheap rate and carpet vendors will always try to sell polyester carpets first to make large business gains. So what you thought to be a low price and posed to be happy and benefited at the purchase again will put you down.

Now do you still feel any reason for being overwhelmed at your appraisal on the polyester carpet lying in my drawing hall?