Removing stains from your carpet - A brief How-to guide

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/31/2006 | Home Improvement

How depressing does it seem when you find your newly bought carpet to be stained with chocolate drink, coffee or mud and so on? You feel like dumping those who have created these nuisances? Or you want to dispose that carpet and buy another new one. Whatever your impulse urges you to do in the feat of anger, are they convenient to remove stains from your carpets? A blank look! A deep sigh! And finally you agree that you really cant do away with stains with these formula.

Removing stains from carpet needs a brief but accurate knowledge of the carpet fibers and the chemicals that can react and help out in their erasing. But be careful one solution cant work on all stains. You will have to be practical enough to be able to identify the specificity of the stain formation and then work accordingly on the particular removal technique.

Here is a brief guide to make things easier on your way whenever you come across stains in the carpet:

Chocolate stains: A very common household problem especially where kids live. The easiest way to remove this stain is to apply ammonia solution on the particular region where the stain has got fixed. The application must be in the spraying process not allowing the rug to get completely damped or wet. The ammonia solution can be made at home with half a cup of water and one tablespoon of ammonia usually used in the household cleaning.

Once the spray procedure is over, you must dry the area with a white paper towel so that there remains hardly any chance of moisture to gather and hence no scope for colors to get faded. Dont use anything hot, even the water you use to prepare the ammonia solution.

Coffee stains: Whom will you blame this time in leaving those stains on the carpet? Its you who has coffee in every half-an-hour. Dont worry! No one is asking you to compromise with your habit as long as you are sure that its doing no harm to your health. But what will you do to remove these stains?

A solution made of vinegar and water and a good quality detergent can solve this problem. In a cup one-third part with vinegar and the rest with water. In that solution stir one-fourth spoon of detergent into it. Apply on the stain in a spray mechanism. Dry the area with paper towel and repeat the process till you find the stain fading away. Then carefully rinse the portion and allow no moisture to remain.

Tea Stains: More or less the process of removing tea stains is similar to that of removing coffee stains. After applying the vinegar-water solution mixed with detergent if you find the destaining method inefficient, then use 3% hydrogen peroxide and keep that stained part wet with it at least for an hour. This time the results wont depress you. The carpet fabrics will give you the previous feel of original colors and perfect contours.

Mud stains: The worst of all mud, which also carries bad odor along with it. It really makes you helpless and you find out no reason to every time thrash your kids as you too know this is not their fault.

Now instead of running after your children and shouting at them not to get mud on the carpets, know the better way to get rid of it. First vacuum the mud once it gets dried, not before that. Then prepare a detergent-water solution and apply on the spot. Repeat the process and dont ignore the way of rinsing.

Generally you leave the roots of slow damping of your carpet with the excess moisture that remains back in conducting this stain removal technique. Dry the area properly and allow yourself a restful afternoon nap when your kids can play with complete freedom. Let them be childish! Why you?