Long live the Sisal carpets and the Sisal Rugs

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/31/2006 | Home Improvement

No doubt in the fact! Sisal carpets and Sisal rugs are the invariable materials for flooring in a natural way to give more life and breathing stimulant to your home decor. They are among the best known durable natural fibers to carpet the floors of your house.

Want to give your home the most contemporary look or the traditional shade of colors and designs? For every mood and taste, Sisal rugs and carpets are always ready to shape natural floorings. Most cool yet extremely well for tough flooring!

Agave sislana plant! The mother of Sisal fibers! The fibers of this plant are known for its strength and sturdiness that retain the wearing of the fiber. But does this in any way mean that the fiber is coarse and prickles while in use? Not at all! The surface retains the smoothness even after fixed well with Sisal carpeting, even if it is wall-to-wall carpet.

The story of the origin of Sisal is very interesting. The Agave sislana plant is a sub-tropical bushy plant that is abundant in the African continent and Latin American countries like Mexico and Brazil. Generally it is the stem and the leaves that are processed to bring out the Sisal fibers and wrap the floors in the most magnificent ways.

Sisal carpets and rugs are among the costliest carpets made of natural fiber. For adorable glare of your furnishing, Sisal fits best in the bedrooms, along the borders of the staircases and the finest of its tones are just meant for the area rugs. The texture is unlike that of the Coir carpets where the toughness is always felt directly on the coarseness of the surface. But in the Sisal carpets things are quite different.

As Coir is used to lower the cost of the carpeting process with conditions of better durability, Sisal makes the beauty as the prior wander wand to pamper you with the delicate touch and also vows on maintaining that touch forever.

Sisal rugs can be of a single color and also of different multiple colors. Sisal carpets are generally woven of yarn and even if different colors are applied, the weaving process can be done with the help of a single yarn. The solid colors on the Sisal rugs and the carpets are blended with fineness and finished quality and they dont disturb the harmony of colors, rather adds sophistication and a befittingly soothing lush.

All about the natural element, you must be curious to match with the natural tempo of the furnishing in the natural color of Sisal carpets. Yellow in its pale tinge and white with a creamy blend; these colors of course, echo the sensation of hope and positive enterprise. Sisal carpeting is duly blessed with this natural tale; the best among enriching beauty and timeless dignity. Carpets dont just envelop your floor but carry the combined message of your esteem and prestige.

A slight mismatch in the color and design will break the balance and disrupt the synchronization. Carpets evaluate your aesthetic bend of mind, fineness of taste and sensation to beauty.  Thus selecting Sisal carpeting is not a childs play because it covers all of these. Check it out yourself!